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WordPress Hacked

When I started building WordPress blogs a few years back, they were constantly being hacked. I spent countless hours rebuilding sites only for them to get hacked again.

But slowly I learned how to harden sites against hackers. It’s a skill not enough WordPress webmasters learn and many are unaware of just how easily an unprotected WP blog can be hacked.

Since I’d developed some expertise in building secure blogs, it’s a service I offer to clients and customers. But, every so often, a client messes with the security plugins and protocols I set up and something bad happens.

There were two such cases in point just in the last week.…

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Proven Team Building

Just today, an eagerly anticipated new website has been launched.

What’s this site about?

It’s an in-depth, step by step training course about how you can duplicate the systems that allow top students of the Proven Amazon Course to put their online businesses on auto-pilot by slowly building an incredible team of sourcing, shipping, packing and other workers who eagerly and happily work for you regardless of where you live, or what model of online business you are using!

And the course is being offered for 80% off using this link!

Who Made This Course?

The course comes from Jim Cockrum, the guy behind the Proven Amazon Course that I reviewed

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The Art of List Building

If you’re an affiliate marketer, I’m sure at some point you’ve either heard or been told that you really should build an email list.

List building can often be seen as something of a black art but at its heart is very simple in principle:

  • Put an opt-in form in front of your visitors
  • Add some incentive for them to sign up, like a free report
  • Add their email address (and possibly their name as well) when they sign up
  • Communicate/market and build a relationship with them by emailing them regularly

That’s the “what to do” of building an email list. 

The “how” is what trips people up. These are common question …

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This article should be of interest to anyone looking at building their own site where they’ll be selling access to videos…

The big question I faced when looking at building Niche Site Institute site was where to host the non-free tutorial videos.

In the past, with other sites I’ve built that had tutorial videos, I’ve hosted them on my own webhosting account. The downside of this is that the more people who look at the videos, the more bandwidth is used along with a greater amount of server resources. I’ve had sites go down on occasion because too many visitors were watching videos at the same time. That doesn’t give a good …

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I’ve been thinking about all the affiliate and internet marketing courses I’ve done over the years. How many just languish on my digital shelves and how many I actually used and still use. Many had short lifetimes because they exploited a loophole or trick to achieve their aim and, once that was plugged, whatever the course taught didn’t work any more.

Then there’s the simple reality that the internet is an incredibly dynamic entity. Google changes the rules on a what – daily, weekly, monthly basis? We get to hear about the big changes like Panda and Penguin but the knock-on effect of these changes has a direct bearing on how our …

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If you read my previous posts, you’ll know I was interested in buying the Amazing Selling Machine a couple of years ago. In case you don’t know what that is/was, it’s a course that shows you how to make a business out of selling products on Amazon. This isn’t about building Amazon affiliate websites, but actually selling physical items through Amazon.

The course covers everything from how to set up an account with Amazon to how to source products, how to re-brand white-label products and how to have stock shipped to the Amazon Fulfillment Center. This way, you don’t have to personally warehouse stock and can leverage the low shipping costs Amazon …

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Smart Member 2.0

Success Leaves Clues.

I thought that was a fitting opening line for this post. Because it’s true. In the last year I watched an internet marketer break onto the scene and crush out multiple 7-figures in revenue like it was nothing.

Maybe you’ve heard of this guy? His name is Chris Record.

Who Is Chris Record?

What makes Chris different is how detailed he is in his training. Just one webinar with Chris Record is like a full 10X training experience! I’m member of his Inner Circle Club where he runs a webinar each Monday for members. His last webinar ran for 5 hours! And it was packed full of solid, useful …

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Affiliate Marketing

It’s been a while since I wrote about what I’m up to in the affiliate marketing world. 2015 was more miss than hit for me. I bought several courses and none gave the results they promised. There always seems to be something left out.

Leaving Google For Facebook

The one big course I bought was the 100K Factory (about $3,000) which promised no one would be left behind and if you followed the plan, then success was guaranteed. For me anyway, it didn’t work out.

The basic idea is to use Facebook ads to drive traffic to a website where you can provide offers and/or Adsense to visitors. Essentially, it’s a Facebook …

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Black Friday Deals

As you’ve no doubt noticed, it’s Black Friday and a ton of deals are available over the coming weekend. The deals below are 10 of the best for affiliate marketers or anyone who’s interested in running an online business…

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