100K Factory

I mentioned/advertised the 100K Factory on this blog a couple of weeks ago. It was an expensive program, running a $2,497 for a one-time payment or 3 monthly payments of $997 each ($2,991 total). That high ticket price would have out it out of the range of many. Others may have thought that no course is worth that kind of money.

I, probably like many other small business owners and affiliate marketers, have become increasingly frustrated with Google’s ever-shifting goal-posts, algorithm tweaks and the sheer amount of time and effort needed to implement effective SEO to get, and keep, sites ranked in their search engine.

There has to be an easier …

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Online Privacy

Edward Snowden’s revelations that everything we do online is being tracked by someone, somewhere, be that the NSA, Google or some other companies who build dossiers on us and then sell that information to other parties, means that we all need to be circimspect about what we do, say and where we go online.

Big Brother (and several smaller ones) are watching. If you’re one of those who think that since you’ve nothing to hide, you’ve nothing to fear – think again. Since everything we do online is tracked, it allows various entities to build a profile of who we are, our credit score, what interests us, what ailments and diseases afflict …

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HostNine Webhosting

Over the years I’ve built and hosted websites on various hosting companies. I used to create static websites using just Notepad when I started out and I still create static websites with my SiteBuilder Elite software. It was when I also started building WordPress sites that I found out just how many webhosts really were up to running WordPress sites. I had a lot of trouble with some well known webhosts with WordPress falling over for various reasons.

The cause of this is the amount of server resources WordPress uses. If you had anything other than a simple WP site (i.e. one with only a couple of plugins), the site would overuse …

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100K Factory

As someone who builds sites for both myself and clients, I have a love/hate relationship with Google. Most webmasters are in the same position.

Google can send our sites lots of free traffic if we can get our sites onto page 1 of Google for our keywords. On the other hand, Google make frequent changes to their search engine algorithm which frequently makes a mess of how sites rank. Too many times after one of these updates, quality sites, sites belonging to small businesses, etc. end up way down the search results. It’s put people out of business in the past.

Relying on Google for traffic is just not good …

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Blog Defender 2015

So far this year WordPress hackers have broken every record to date…and this should concern anyone who runs a WordPress site.

Back in 2012 an estimated 192,000 WordPress sites were hacked. Now there would have been an overall lesser number of WordPress sites 3 years ago but there still about 58 million of them. So 192,000 hacks would be less than 1% of that number.

In 2013, the number of hacks rose sharply with an estimated 30,000 sites, PER DAY, being hacked. That’s almost 11,000,000 sites in 2013. By the end of that year, there were estimated to be about 75,000,000 WordPress sites in existence. So 15% of sites got hacked …

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Covert Commissions

Making a good living online really isn’t rocket science…

You’ve already got what it takes…even if you don’t know it yet…

The simplest and easiest way to get started, hands down, is to sell products as an affiliate

The beauty of selling affiliate products is you don’t need to go to the time, trouble and expense of creating your own product…

That saves you a TON of time and hassle, and you can become profitable that much faster…

You just select from dozens of top-selling products in all the hottest niches around…

But…you have no doubt seen (and probably purchased) tons of affiliate marketing “how-to” courses and products claiming to …

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AmaSuite 4

Product: AmaSuite 4
Target: Affiliate Marketers who want to create Amazon affiliate sites
Price: $197 one-time payment (discounted from $297)

AmaSuite is a collection of tools and training for creating affiliate sites for promoting products from Amazon. The software & training first became available about 3 years ago and a new version has been released on an almost annual basis.

And, in keeping with that, AmaSuite 4 was launched a few days ago.

Tools for building Amazon affiliate sites are pretty common as are training courses on how to build such sites.

So what sets AmaSuite 4 apart from the crowd?

AmaSuite V4 has been developed from the ground up to be …

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CrowdSearch Website Promotion We All Need Website Visitors

Anyone who owns a website wants people to visit it. You can either pay to have people visit (like paying for Pay Per Click ads) or you can rely on Organic (Free) Traffic. The problem with the latter is that if your site and its posts/pages are not highly ranked in the search engines, then you’ll only get a trickle of traffic this way.

Quality Backlinks Are Important

That’s why building quality backlinks with related sites in your niche is so important these days. The days of blasting out hundreds of low-quality backlinks are gone. That shotgun effect, which got backlinks to your site from sites all …

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You may have heard of Explaindio in the last couple of days.

Demand for this new video creation software has been so great that it crashed JVZoo’s servers on launch day. The whole JVZoo website was down for a while.

If you want to create your own marketing videos, or videos for clients, this new tool will fit the bill.

This is also the next step in video tech if you already own VideoMaker FX or Easy Sketch Pro 2.

If you’re not sure yet, you’re gonna have to pay more later, so be sure of your decision…it’s $39.95 right now.

Click here to get Explaindio today.

Explaindio Bonus

Sign up …

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If you’ve read my companion blog, Bitcoin Newsflash, you’ll know that I’ve dabbled in Bitcoin and Altcoin mining and investing. Why? Because cryptocurrencies take away the banksters control over your money:

  • Transaction fees are tiny, unlike what banks charge. This is huge for poorer countries who get fleeced with high money transfer costs. It could even spell the end for Western Union.
  • Money gets transferred, account to account almost instantly – so money isn’t sitting in limbo for 2 or 3 days (as with wire transfers) where the bank makes interest on your money.
  • Transactions are virtually anonymous. That means no one is tracking what you spend your money on. So

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