I’ve been thinking about all the affiliate and internet marketing courses I’ve done over the years. How many just languish on my digital shelves and how many I actually used and still use. Many had short lifetimes because they exploited a loophole or trick to achieve their aim and, once that was plugged, whatever the course taught didn’t work any more.

Then there’s the simple reality that the internet is an incredibly dynamic entity. Google changes the rules on a what – daily, weekly, monthly basis? We get to hear about the big changes like Panda and Penguin but the knock-on effect of these changes has a direct bearing on how our …

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Smart Member 2.0

Success Leaves Clues.

I thought that was a fitting opening line for this post. Because it’s true. In the last year I watched an internet marketer break onto the scene and crush out multiple 7-figures in revenue like it was nothing.

Maybe you’ve heard of this guy? His name is Chris Record.

Who Is Chris Record?

What makes Chris different is how detailed he is in his training. Just one webinar with Chris Record is like a full 10X training experience! I’m member of his Inner Circle Club where he runs a webinar each Monday for members. His last webinar ran for 5 hours! And it was packed full of solid, useful …

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Blog Defender 2015

So far this year WordPress hackers have broken every record to date…and this should concern anyone who runs a WordPress site.

Back in 2012 an estimated 192,000 WordPress sites were hacked. Now there would have been an overall lesser number of WordPress sites 3 years ago but there still about 58 million of them. So 192,000 hacks would be less than 1% of that number.

In 2013, the number of hacks rose sharply with an estimated 30,000 sites, PER DAY, being hacked. That’s almost 11,000,000 sites in 2013. By the end of that year, there were estimated to be about 75,000,000 WordPress sites in existence. So 15% of sites got hacked …

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A high quality professional SEO service is a rare business to find these days. Oh, sure, you can type in Search Engine Optimization services into Google and you’ll get a plethora of search results – many of which I feel are rather undeserving of their page ranking. For the most part you’re going to find generic services that are not going to actually work to help bring your website to the top of the page as most of them are seemingly running automated services using low quality content within their networks. That’s not going to help anyone see real results.

Real results come from fine tuning associative keywords which are hyperlinked to …

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So, are you a user of the new app called WhatsApp? If you are, then you have probably run into the trouble of not being able to view the full details of a number as you were browsing around. Well, luckily there is a new solution out there for you. It is WhatsApp Spy and it allows you to hack the WhatsApp application. This app comes with a ton of features that will increase your experience with the base line WhatsApp. So you should continue to read this article to find out more information about the WhatsApp application and what is has to offer.

The biggest thing that this hack has to …

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When I first started using Twitter for my company, it took me a long time to gain a respectable amount of followers. It is not because I was not worthy of being followed. It is just because anything like that takes time, no matter what type or size of company you have. When I found out that I could buy twitter retweets, I knew that I was going to take this shortcut. I needed to have my company’s name out there more than what it was, and this was the perfect way to make that happen.

The company that does this has been in business for a while, so I was …

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I did not really expect to get this company, because for starters I did not really know what they wanted from me. I have a background in marketing, but this is an Internet marketing job pretty much. In essence they are looking to get me to give them some affordable SEO work and also some social media marketing. I have a basic understanding of both of those things, but no real qualifications to do either of the jobs. It would be more important if they were paying me as though I was totally qualified, but this is an entry leval position. In fact they wanted to hire me through a temp agency. …

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I have a small business that does not get enough business yet, and it is not a very old business, so that is probably one of the reasons why it does not get as much business as I would like. It is a problem, because we need to make money at a faster rate, if we are going to be viable as a company. I am not sure why it is so hard for my company to make money. But I would like to look into some small business SEO to help my company out, and to generate some more sales.

That definitely seems like the best way to be able to …

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I think that it was just a simple click on a link that got me started in our online business. We were tired of our day to day routine that included jobs that we did not like. We decided that we would rather do with less and work harder at something we liked rather than going to our day jobs that were tedious, stressful and unfulfilling. We thought how we would have to just tighten are belts and cut corners in our present lifestyle to be able to work from home. However, we pursued some training that helped us learn how to operate a profitable business online that actually upped our standard …

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When I decided to start expanding my business, I knew that I was going to have to get some help in it. While I excel at marketing in the real world, I had no idea how to get more people to visit my website. All of my current customers already knew about my website, but I wanted to reach a larger demographic who would only know my business from an online perspective. That is how I came to find ppc management company. I did a search for a management company to help me get traffic to my website, and they are the one that impressed me the most of the different ones …

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