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How Do You Drive Traffic to Your Site?

I was thinking about this in class today, we are talking about the subject casually and of course it really does not matter how good of a web site you design if no one can see it. The big thing that will increase website traffic is obviously word of mouth, you do something that people think is cool and they share the link with their friends. How do you drive traffic to your site, though if you are just doing something boring like trying to sell baby gear and that sort of thing, It is not like no one wants to buy stuff for babies and you might have a great deal. …

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I Wanted More Viewers to My YouTube Channel

I have a lot of videos on my YouTube channel. I started making them just for fun, but then I saw that I could actually make a business out of it. I had been thinking of working from home anyway, because travel expenses plus the time involved in transit was making it almost not worth it for me. I decided to do a test run to see if I would be able to generate more viewers to my channel. I knew that I could buy youtube likes, but I didn’t really understand how it worked.

I was able to find a company that has a wide variety of packages that anyone …

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I Want to Sell My Art

When I first heard about my online product store, I really wasn’t sure what it was. I had received an email from a college buddy who remembered that I liked to tinker in arts and crafts. His wife and I are good friends, and they thought that this new idea would be perfect for me. The only reason I just tinker is because I have not been able to produce a good profit. Everyone has told me that my work is unique and beautiful, but I just don’t live in the right area to sell it.

They knew my heart was in my art work, and they thought that perhaps this could …

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A primary objective of a website, especially one built to generate business profits, is to lure people to the web page. For even the slightest chance of a sale or profitable venture to even be considered, first the person interested must navigate their way to the website. Google search engine optimization is one way to build a source of traffic, but there are also venues that sell a service where a business owner can buy web traffic cheap. After the web page is constructed with detailed descriptions of the objectives, site layout, plus search content composed, many times the visitors still do not come in number sufficient to create traffic numbers that …

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Coupons Saved Us a Ton!

I was dreaming of using coupons for a while after I saw one of those new cable shows that showed how much people were saving when they went to go and use their coupons at the store. We were so happy to be watching that show in our house because my kids knew that we could really use the money saved with coupons. I wanted to make sure that it was a nice idea with them, and have a contest to see who could save the greatest amount. I saw and thought that it was going to be a great place for our family to start looking for coupons. I knew …

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Clickbank Exchange Convention: January 15, 2014


Update: Tickets to the event are currently available at half price.
Update: There’s only 337 Tickets to the event left now…

ClickBank Exchange is an annual event hosted by ClickBank featuring the smartest, most successful marketers in the industry. At ClickBank Exchange you will learn tips, tricks and strategies that will position you for achieving a break-through year in 2014. That means learning success secrets from 7-figure a year marketers, and enough insider information and industry connections that every single attendee will know what it takes to turn their business into the conversion machine of their dreams.

This is, without a doubt, the event of 2014. Here are the details:

Udemy Christmas Deals


If you’ve never heard of it, Udemy is an online academy where you can get video training on all sorts of stuff.

For the next 7 days (until December 26th), you can save 90% on these courses using the discount links below. Normally $99, these courses are on sale for $9 each during the sale period:

  1. Learn Responsive Web Development from Scratch
  2. Learn to Build Mobile Apps from Scratch
  3. Learn iOS Programming from Scratch
  4. Learn Android Development From Scratch
  5. Learn to Build Apps for Facebook and Chrome Store
  6. Learn iPad Development and Advanced iOS Programming
  7. Learn Ruby on Rails from Scratch
  8. Learn PHP and MySQL Development From Scratch
  9. Complete WordPress Training
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Are you a Gmail user?

If you haven’t already heard, Google has made another in its long list of wonderful changes (yes, I’m being sarcastic here) to the way they filter your emails, and they’ve done so without your permission.

Gmail is phasing in a new “tabbed inbox” system. You may have seen it already in your inbox if you use Gmail. If not, you’ll see it soon. It appeared on one of my accounts a few weeks ago, another just a couple of days ago and I expect the other accounts to follow suit very soon.

So What Have Google Done?

They’ve split your inbox into 5 separate tabs, labeling each …

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Top 7 Affiliate Marketing Courses


I’ve been thinking about all the affiliate and internet marketing courses I’ve done over years. How many just languish on my digital shelves and how many I actually used and still use. Many had short lifetimes because they exploited a loophole or trick to achieve their aim and, one that was plugged, whatever the course taught didn’t work any more.

Then there’s the simply reality that the internet is an incredibly dynamic entity. Google changes the rules on a what – daily, weekly, monthly basis? We get to hear about the big changes like Panda and Penguin but the knock-on effect of these changes has direct bearing on how our sites perform …

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Have you come across the term online reputation management before? What exactly is your online reputation, who determines it and why would you need to manage your reputation anyway? The obvious answer to who who determines your reputation is Google as they rank your websites according to certain criteria which effectively determine what your online reputation is. The higher your site ranks, the more reputable it is in their eyes (and in the eyes of the people who are reading the pages of results).

So if your site is languishing low down in the listings, Google doesn’t thinks the site is particularly reputable. Obviously, you can improve things my increasing the number …

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