[Update 12 August, 2011: SENukeX have extended their offer to get a Lifetime Licence for the software until 4pm EST today (12 August, 2011). So, if you thought you’d missed your opportunity, there’s still time.]

A few months back I promoted the SENukeX launch to you. If you’ve been reading this blog, you’ll know that I had a number of problems running SENukeX myself in the early days and maybe my experiences made you think twice about subscribing to it.

They had a lot of problems with the launch as well (too many subscribers for their servers to handle) and the software crashed quite a bit. I maintained that the service was …

Well, Holy Gawd, beejazus and begorrah! SENukeX is finally working. As I mentioned in my previous post about SENukeX, I gave up trying to use it on my aging Win XP system and rented a Windows VPS server to run it instead (I went with AccuWebHosting following recommendations). Looks like that was a good move.

SENukeX has been ticking away unattended for the last week. I can see that it’s crashed a few times but each time it’s recovered, restarted and continued on from where it fell over, just as it’s supposed to. Plus, it runs 24/7. Now, assuming it did run properly on my XP setup, I’d have to leave my …

More Problems With SENukeX

Following my last post on using SENukeX, I had hoped to have some preliminary results on the three sites I selected to promote using this tool. However, SENukeX refused to play ball. It continually crashes on my system (I run it on a VMWare virtual server running Win XP Home SP3 and IE8).

The latest problem is that while it restarts after a crash, it doesn’t pick up where it left off to start building links again. When it crashes, it’s supposed to skip the sites it had open in the browser at the time (it assumes something on one of those sites caused the crash) and then …

It’s been about 6 weeks since I last posted about SENukeX. In that time I’ve been away on vacation and engaged in some other projects for myself and clients and haven’t had too much time to devote to SENukeX.

You may remember that I mentioned in my previous SENukeX post, that I thought the software was buggy, had been released too soon and lacked decent documentation.

So what’s changed in the intervening time?

First, several new upgrades have been released. It now stands at V1.0.49 (it was V1.0.28 when I wrote my last post about it).

Second, the only new training I can see that’s been made available is an SENukeX …

Ok, I’ve had SENukeX for a week now and I still haven’t got anywhere with it.

Ongoing Lack of Documentation & Training

As I mentioned in my previous post about it, there’s a dismal lack of basic training and no written documentation. After many, many calls for such documentation and training in the SENukeX forum, the developers finally relented and agreed to create training materials in both written and video formats.

It will be a while before that appears as SENukeX is a complex product and that documentation needs to cover basic terminology and core concepts, especially for the people who came fresh to SENukeX rather than transitioning from the older SENuke …

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