Get Others To Mine Monero For You!

You might have noticed that cryptocurrencies are booming, especially Bitcoin. Bitcoin’s value has increased 10X in 2017 alone.

There were, what seemed like overly optimistic predictions that it would reach $10,000 per coin by the end of this year. It blasted through that ceiling in November and now, in the middle of December, is $17,400.

While Bitcoin  gets all the headlines, there are other cryptocurrencies that you can invest in.

About 1,000 in fact.

While many of these are pump-and-dump scams, there are some that have also been around for years or have been designed to do specific things that Bitcoin can’t (fast transaction times for example).

These are currencies such as Bitcoin Cash, LiteCoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Monero, Ripple, Dash and some others.

There was a time you could mine Bitcoins with your computer. Then, because of the complexity of the mathematical operations used to very Bitcoin transactions, high-end video cards were required to do those operations (Bitcoins are mined and given out to the computer that solves the equations).

The good old days in 2011-2014 when you could mine Bitcoin with your PC and high-end video cards:

Soon after that, the cost of the energy required to mine Bitcoins at home far exceeded the value of the Bitcoins mined themselves and mining moved into big data centers around the world.

Due to the mining costs involved, most people interesting in mining had to buy cloud mining contracts and hope that the companies would be around long enough to at least be able to repay their customers’ investment costs.

That’s what I ended up doing myself, buying a number of Bitcoin, ZCash, Ethereum and Monero mining accounts from Genesis Mining. They’re still going today and my Bitcoin contracts are still alive and earning, even after 3 years. Other cryptocurrency contracts expire after 2 years.

If you want to buy mining contracts yourself from Genesis Mining, use Coupon Code pI7vKL to save 3% on your order (every little bit helps!)

Mining At Home Is A Thing Again

It’s possible for anyone to mine one of those Top 10 cryptocurrencies – Monero – using a new technology has recently become available.

This technology allows Monero to be mined in a browser tab. No need for cloud mining contracts or expensive cryptocurrency mining equipment.

Monero was designed to be mined using CPU power rather than the power of high-end video cards. So anyone using a PC can mine Monero.

CryptoJackerHowever, the idea behind Crypto Jacker is not about you mining Monero on your own PC. It’s about getting other people to mine Monero for you on their PCs!

And by doing what we all do every day – sharing links to content on the ‘net.

That can be sharing links to your own content, but also sharing links to pages on any other website.

You have the option of asking a visitor if they’ll give you permission to mine while they view a page so you can keep things ethical.

And, as long as the tab that opens your shared link remains active in the visitor’s browser, it will be mining Monero for you.

You can set this up and start generating revenue within the first 5 minutes!

This is a way to share content and get paid for that.

Here’s how this new system works:

  1. Import a link to a popular article, game, movie site, live sporting event…you name it…
  2. Create a redirect that’s hosted on your site, to the page (you do need to have a WordPress site to run this as it’s a WordPress plugin).
  3. Share your website links on social media, your blog, with your friends, email list etc.

The more people you get to visit your links…the more Monero you earn (it’s that easy).

Honestly, I’ve never seen anything like this before!

When it comes to earning profits online this could be one of the biggest evolutions in technology we’ve seen.

Here’s what 1 Monero coin is worth on December 12, 2017:

Monero Valuation

How much you can earn from this is down to how many links you generally share and how many people will allow you to mine while they visit your link. You can opt to do hidden mining so that the visitor doesn’t know that you’re using some of their CPU resources.

Watch the video here to see this software in action!

Right now they’re offering a 20% off discount because it just opened it to the public,  so hurry and get in on this before they wise up and raise the price on us! 🙂


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