Below you’ll find a list of reports on various aspects of internet and affiliate marketing that you can download at no cost (newer reports are at the top):

Repairing a Hacked WordPress Blog – This is the only report on this page that isn’t free (it’s $5). Packed with strategies, tactics and advice on securing your WordPress blogs and recovering them after they’re hacked.
YouTube Saturation! – Uncover The Instant Traffic System That Will TRIPLE Your Income Overnight While Putting You In Direct Contact With THOUSANDS Of Hungry Buyers!
Top 100 WordPress Plugins – Free Report Reveals The Top 100 WordPress Plugins That Will Turn Your Blog Into An SEO, Socially Connected And Monetized Powerhouse.
Blog Linking Tactics – Traffic is the lifeblood of any website. This report details 35 tactics that you can use to drive traffic to your blogs (or traditional websites).
Maximum List Building – Whatever niche you’re in, you should be building a list of subscribers. If list building is alien to you, this report will show you how to go about building and managing your mailing lists.
Getting Started With Clickbank – Clickbank is often the first port of call for people looking for affiliate products to promote. It’s also the top online digital marketplace if you have a product you want to sell. This report teaches you how to be a better affiliate for Clickbank products and how to become a top seller if you want to sell your own product.
Renewable Energy and Other Money Saving Secrets for Your Home – Nothing to do with internet or affiliate marketing, but the money you save on your utility bills could be used to buy internet marketing products ;-)