[Update: August 17th: Greg Jacobs’ “The Assassination target” launched today. Copies were expected to sell out in about 5 days. However, demand has apparently far outstripped what was anticipated and the doors are expected to close within 24 hours. That’s quite phenomenal for a $1997 product! So the question is: am I buying this product? No. That’s not because I think badly of the product, think it’s over-priced or any such reason. I simply don’t have the time available to follow another course as I’m already invested in Alex Jeffreys marketing course and Mike Johnson’s Autoblog Blueprint course. The Assassination might be the course for you, so check out the

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It’s been a while since I updated this blog with my progress in Alex Jeffreys marketing course. It’s a rainy Saturday afternoon and I have a bit of time to spare, so here’s what I’ve been up to during the course…

The core of Alex’s course is to build a list. I’m involved in a few online enterprises (writing software, building and maintaining websites, testing the waters with autoblogs, looking after customers, etc.), so I’ve had less time than I’d have liked to devote to Alex’s course. So my timetable has slipped over the last couple of weeks (a minor health scare and a short stint in hospital didn’t help …

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Now that the dust raised by Google’s May Day algorithm update (now frequently referred to as the “Mayday” update due to the consternation it’s caused) is beginning to settle, one thing is for certain: the change is here to stay. So rather than moaning about it, it’s better to spend your time seeing if you can improve your sites so that they’re more in line with what Google now thinks is important for a site’s rank.

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One factor that appears to now have a greater effect on page ranking is the page’s bounce rate……

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Ever have one of those days when just about everything seems to go wrong? Well, I’ve pretty much had a week of that. Some things went well, most didn’t.

So what did go right (I’m starting with this list because it’s much shorter than the things that went wrong!)?

1. I released the latest edition of my SiteBuilder Elite software. That had been on the back burner somewhat, because I’ve been dedicating time to following Alex Jeffreys in his coaching program.

2. I released the latest edition of my LunarPhase Pro software. This has absolutely nothing to do with internet/affiliate marketing – it’s a software tool for amateur astronomers that predicts …

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If you’ve read my previous post, you’ll know that I’m now one of Alex Jeffreys’ students. As part of the practical work he’s set in his coaching program, he’s set a competition for his students: whoever gets the most traffic to their blog by early next month will get as a prize, a complete professional blog created fro them (including content, plugins, graphics, etc. and the blog will be the front end to a whole marketing business. Quite a prize and one worth fighting for!

One of the terms of competing is for students to document how they are driving traffic to their blogs. So that’s what this progress report will be …

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One of Alex Jeffreys challenges to his new students is to document how we drive traffic to our new blogs. I had intended doing just that in a post on this blog, but the post was getting longer and longer as I listed the various methods I use. So I decided to turn it into a report instead.

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In all, the report ended up being 14 pages long, so it would have made for a huge and unwieldy post. The Blog Linking Tactics Report, as I’ve called it, lists 27 solid, proven techniques for driving traffic to your blog. If you’re …

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While I already have an online business building websites, doing affiliate marketing and selling my own products, I wanted to move my online business to the next level [my backstory is on my About page]. Now I’m a pretty disorganized individual. When I was growing up, my mom was forever telling me to clean up my room. I did when she told me but without her impetus, the room descended into a disheveled heap again.

That’s kind of how my business became; bits here, bits there; couldn’t lay my hands on something when I needed it; stuff shoved all over the place with the intention of going back to it to give …

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I’m always looking for new ways to make money online and new ways to get traffic to my sites. After all, internet marketing is an ever-changing business where you can’t afford to stand still for too long.

The other day, in amongst the 100 or so emails I get a day was an invitation from my old astronomy buddy, Todd Gross, to join a marketing course run by someone called Alex Jeffreys.…

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