I’ve been thinking about all the affiliate and internet marketing courses I’ve done over the years. How many just languish on my digital shelves and how many I actually used and still use. Many had short lifetimes because they exploited a loophole or trick to achieve their aim and, once that was plugged, whatever the course taught didn’t work any more.

Then there’s the simple reality that the internet is an incredibly dynamic entity. Google changes the rules on a what – daily, weekly, monthly basis? We get to hear about the big changes like Panda and Penguin but the knock-on effect of these changes has a direct bearing on how our …

I use a specific domain for building test blogs. I decided to move my Telescope Guide auction site from a Bravenet shared hosting account (which doesn’t support cron jobs) to a VPS webhost. I discovered that the BackupBuddy plugin doesn’t run on Bravenet either (probably takes too many resources) so I had to download all the WordPress files and folders to my PC (Bravenet doesn’t even provide a File Manager so I couldn’t zip up the files). I then uploaded them to mvpvw.com. I then had to create a database backup (I used GD Press Tools (no longer available) for this), download the archive it to my PC, upload it to mvpvw.com, …

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