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I haven’t had a chance to check this new video product out but if you’re into making videos, especially ones where you or some other person appears on screen, this might be of interest.

Green Screen Academy

Green Screen AcademyThis is a 3-in-1 suite of green-screen products. If you don’t know what green-screen is (where have you been?), it’s a solid green backdrop that you film yourself or your presenters in front of.

Then, using the magic of CGI (Computer Generated Imagery), that green backdrop gets replaced by some far more interesting background, so you can appear to be on a tropical island, in a high-tech studio or wherever you fancy.

You get everything you need in Green Screen Academy to give your videos that uber-professional look:

250+ full HD video backgrounds – high quality virtual studios for use with green screen videos

Video Editing Software – a professional editing tool designed to handle a wide range of projects

Green Screen Training – step by step video tutorials showing you how to use the software and create high quality green screen videos

And it only costs $27.


Green screen videos are one of the best ways to connect with your audience, as you can talk in front of the camera which creates trust with the viewers as well as put videos, photos and text in the backgrounds which makes the videos more engaging and interactive.

You’ll be able to:

  • Make any video look professional and instantly grab attention
  • Convert more viewers into paying customers
  • Receive more traffic from your YouTube videos
  • Increase click trough rate on your Facebook ads

Don’t just trust me, watch the demo video here:

There’s only one upsell on offer, instead of the usual several, which is good news. I hate endless upsells.

For an additional $47, you get all this:

  • Developer Rights For Both Packages
  • 250 EXTRA Virtual Sets
  • 30 Spokespersons For Your Videos
  • 300 Stock Video Footages
  • Video scripting software
  • 10 Lower Thirds – these are the banners you see near the bottom of news channels for displaying people’s names and such
  • 1,000 graphic images
  • 100 audio tracks to add energy and emotion to your videos
  • The Survey Spark WordPress plugin – lets you add surveys and polls to your blogs

Pretty good value given what’s on offer.

Click Here To Learn More About Green Screen Academy



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