Product: AmaSuite 4
Target: Affiliate Marketers who want to create Amazon affiliate sites
Price: $197 one-time payment (discounted from $297)

AmaSuite is a collection of tools and training for creating affiliate sites for promoting products from Amazon. The software & training first became available about 3 years ago and a new version has been released on an almost annual basis.

And, in keeping with that, AmaSuite 4 was launched a few days ago.

Tools for building Amazon affiliate sites are pretty common as are training courses on how to build such sites.

So what sets AmaSuite 4 apart from the crowd?

AmaSuite V4 has been developed from the ground up to be the ‘must have’ software toolkit for both Amazon Affiliates and Sellers. It runs on both PCs and Macs and makes research easy and makes finding profitable products to promote or sell a breeze. The software has seen huge changes since the original suite, with more features and a brand new 4th tool called the “Azon Review Finder”.

But it’s not just software! Inside the members area you’ll find essential training courses (for both Amazon sellers and Amazon affiliates) created by Chris Guthrie who is currently selling over $20,000+ per month of physical products on Amazon and who has previously sold over $1 million dollars in products as an Amazon affiliate. Chris reveals his full process in the special bonus video course you’ll get included with this offer. In fact, along with the 4 pieces of software, you’ll get $268 worth of bonuses for FREE.

Here’s an inside look:

AmaSuite Members Area

…and here’s a video showing part of the first module in the training on how to become an Amazon affiliate:

Click here to grab this deal now before the price goes up!

My opinion is that the training is ROCK SOLID! It’s based on real world success data and is dripping with ideas and strategies we think you’ll get lots of mileage from. Plus, you can easily apply these plans if you’re a Kindle Author too – In short: Incredible value at the super low launch price.

The $197 price might seem steep, but you are getting quality tools and training. The product has been in continual development for several years now, so it has a solid track record. Right now, till Midnight, March 21st anyway, you’re saving $100 of the price. After that date, the price will be $297.

There are three upsells presented after you order. We like to know what the overall spend on a product is before buying, and low priced front-end products are often used to lure the unwary into buying much higher priced add-ons and products in a sales funnel.

So with the info below, you’ll know what your eventual spend is likely to be. None of these upsells are necessary and the AmaSuite 4 software tools and training are all you need to get started as an Amazon affiliate or seller.

Upsell #1: Revili Software Tool [$47]

This is a new powerful innovative review analysis software for helping people uncover the perfect private label products to sell on amazon!

There is NOTHING on the market like this. However, if you’re not interested in becoming an Amazon Seller, you don’t need this tool.

Upsell #2 – Interest Architect & Social Post Browser [$67]

Advertising Amazon products using Facebook Ads is surprisingly lucrative. Facebook allows you to target ads to specific demographics, thereby reducing your ad costs as you don’t end up marketing to people who aren’t interested in what you have to offer (unlike Google Adwords). This tool helps people find the best targeting interest keywords for your Facebook Ad campaigns, and a spy tool for reverse engineering other advertisers’ FB ads!

These two tools can be used to help in ad creation both for people selling their own products on Amazon or for selling products from Amazon as an affiliate.

Upsell #3 – Mega WordPress Package With Developer rights [$67]

A package of some of the best amazon related WP plugins & themes for amazon affiliates and sellers.

If you build WordPress sites, and don’t have these tools already, this is a highly recommended purchase. Here’s what you get:

  • EasyAzon 4 – With this WordPress plugin you’ll be able to quickly create high converting Amazon affiliate links faster and easier than ever before.
  • Tablezon – Build out high converting product comparison tables in a matter of seconds. Integrates with EasyAzon.
  • BestsellerAzon – Display popular Amazon products anywhere within your WordPress content.
  • Azon Theme – A battle tested Amazon WordPress theme with proven conversions.
  • amaTheme – A mobile responsive Amazon affiliate theme to start crushing it on Amazon today!

The combined price for these plugins and themes is $255 if you were to buy them separately.


AmaSuite 4 really is a great package for anyone interested in building Amazon affiliate sites or selling their own products on Amazon.

Grab it for the launch discount price while it’s still available.

Even if you miss the launch offer, it’s still great value at $297.

All the best,

Gary Nugent

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