Affiliate Marketing
The tools and techniques needed to make good money online change frequently.

Back in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s getting TONS of links and stuffing your site pages full of keywords got you ranked in Google, which resulted in tons of traffic that could be converted into revenue in various ways.

Since then there have been several new opportunities that have come, made people a lot of money, and then they’ve gone.

But there is one way to make money online that has stood the test of time. That method is affiliate marketing!

Looking at Google Trends, many other methods are on a downward trend, but as you can see, “affiliate marketing” remains steady, towards peak popularity, and is even trending upwards since 11/2015:

The Affiliate Marketing trend

This trend is like to stay steady, if not increase, over time as huge corporations and small “mom and pop shops” alike almost always increase profits through affiliate programs!

Where there is money to be made, people flock!

That’s exactly why most of the biggest corporations in the world currently have active, successful affiliate programs.

That’s also why many Internet Marketers make TONS of money running affiliate review sites!

Consumers want to know what other consumers think about a product before they buy it.

It’s human nature to want social proof before buying a product.

So, people turn to Google and type, “[product name] review” and other related keywords and they read the reviews that are returned.

Many consumers are also on email lists for sites that do reviews on all the new products in the industries they’re interested in and they decide whether to buy or not based on those reviews.

That makes for HUGE profit potential for those sites that send those consumers to the product site through their affiliate links!

That is precisely why, starting NOW, there is a new offer for Done-For-You affiliate review websites!

In this offer, you’ll get a custom, authority affiliate review site built for you with unique reviews already done for you in a niche that YOU choose!

And until this Friday, July 27th at Midnight, it will be built for you at a $100 discount!

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The end result is a site similar to this DEMO site.

Here’s what you’re going to get:

  • brand based domain name already registered (transferred to you at any time between now and one year from now).
  • WordPress + Important Plugins Installed, configured, and optimized for both users and SE’s.
  • premium WordPress theme installed, configured and optimized.
  • 7 review articles that are 100% unique, reviewing 7 products in your niche! (You can choose the niche/products or we can, it’s up to you.)
  • Custom graphics to make your new review site stand out and be professional and unique!
  • Quality product images added to each of the product review pages.
  • Social Media integration (Facebook comments, like widget, social share).
  • On-page SEO to give you maximum chance of ranking.

All of this completely done-for-you!

As you can see by looking at the DEMO site, these are very high-quality sites that are meant to give you INSTANT credibility and authority!

So, Gary, take advantage of this very special offer, which we’ve never offered before, and claim your own piece of the affiliate marketing pie, that so many are already feasting from!

Here’s that link, one more time:

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Remember, this offer ends this Friday at Midnight, so don’t wait. You’ll be disappointed if you miss this one!

And if you’d prefer to learn how to build your own affiliate review sites, there’s always Wealthy Affiliate (plus my bonuses).


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