Micro Niche Finder 5 has just been released and it’s a fantastically easy and powerful tool for finding new niches to get into.

Up until I started using this tool, I used to research niche ideas by looking around the house, in magazines, in shops, etc. It was time consuming and, because my imagination is limited, there were many niches that I never considered or researched, let alone thought of in the first place.

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Researching the profit potential of a niche was time consuming and that didn’t include any keyword research that needed to be done. Identify a niche first, and then do the keyword research was the plan.

But many times, the niche turned out not to be as good as anticipated. But that’s how it goes – some you win and some you lose.

Now, with Micro Niche Finder, it’s easier than ever to identify niches worth pursuing and, even better, niches to avoid.

James Jones and his team ran a webinar last night showing off the new edition of their software and how to use it to find hot niches. You can watch it here.

If you see a warning about a missing codec, you can download the missing G2M3 codec here:

Micro Niche Finder is now my tool of choice for researching niches because it saves so much time. While it does provide keyword lists, it doesn’t really replace traditional keyword research tools; rather, it’s an additional tool to use to find niches on which you can then bring your keywords tools to bear.

The Stress, Anxiety, Panic website was built entirely using keywords provided by Micro Niche Finder. I didn’t spend any more time doing keyword research for it as I want to see how well just the Micro Niche Finder keywords perform. The site’s been live for about 2 weeks and it already has made a couple of dollars from Adsense and has an Alexa ranking of 1,334,455, putting it just outside the top one million sites ranked by Alexa (it will take longer for Google to rank and index the site).

If you want to skip the Micro Niche Finder webinar (though I recommend you watch it) and skip straight to the main site, you can do that here.

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Gary Nugent

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