UPDATE: Affiliate Recon Is No Longer Available

If you’re looking for a course on how to build a profitable blog, my current recommended courses are Wealthy Affiliate, Affilorama and Clickbank Passive Income.

You may not be aware that a brand new service just launched, one that gives you “verifiable 6 figure affiliate niches” on a platter, every month, complete with keyword research, competition analysis, backlink opportunities, affiliate offers and more.

It’s called Affiliate Recon, and it was created by the highly trustworthy “guru to the gurus” Chris Rempel, and it looks to be pretty awesome.

I’m just going to give you 5 reasons why if you’re serious about making money as an affiliate, this might be the highest Return On Investment you could make.

  1. You’re cutting out a LOT of the work you’d have to do yourself. Do you want to make it with affiliate marketing this year but you don’t have as much time as you’d like to spend on it? Automating about 25% of the process is one of the smartest decisions you could make.
  2. It allows you to build affiliate campaigns in niches more profitable than ones you would have found on your own. Chris’s expert affiliate research team digs these up for you every month according to extremely stringent standards, (we’re talking “Elite Niche Research” standards here). I do affiliate research of my own constantly using a variety of tools, and the offers I saw in Affiliate Recon were ones I’d never have found on my own. This stuff is hardcore.
  3. The SEO Data: With this service, as soon as I pick a niche/offer I want to target, I can see right there on that same page the main competition I have (to assess whether I can beat it or not) AND most importantly, their backlinks so I can make a plan to acquire them and beat that competition. Yes you can get this data from other tools, but I have no other way of getting that data literally on the exact same page as the one I find my affiliate niche on. It’s convenient and a huge time saver.
  4. Webinars From Chris: There are probably 3 people in all of affiliate marketing who I put in the same category as Chris when it comes to first hand knowledge of money making strategy and the ability to properly communicate it. Members of Affiliate Recon also get webinar training with him on affiliate research strategy and “Battle Plans” for search engine success. Highly valuable stuff that’s worth the membership fee on it’s own.
  5. There are limited numbers and the price is $47 a month. There’s not a service out there where you can get this much for this price, and I can’t think of another service that’s MORE worth $47 than this one, and that’s saying something.

Q: Is this similar to NicheReaper? Not really. NicheReaper provides lists of keywords and niches that you can filter to find the potentially profitable nuggets. Where NicheReaper excels is in identifying niches that are highly likely to be profitable (obviously, you have to build a site or sites and promote them for this to work). Given its huge database, there are niches in here that I would never have dreamed of myself in a million years.

Affiliate Recon takes a different approach. Rather than being a plain software tool that is used to filter pre-researched keywords and niches, Affiliate Recon does a whole lot of background research on a niche, proving keywords yes, but it allows you to dig further to find other keyword nuggets and the niches it gives you are all high-value, researched by a team of people, so you get competition analysis, demographic info, affiliate programs to join along with training on how to put it all together. There are many facets to the information presented on a niche so members don’t get the same package; each creates their own by selecting the aspects of the niche they’re interested in. This makes things unique. Essentially, at the end of your niche review process, you have a blueprint to create a website around. Take a look at the video on their site for a view inside the member’s area. As with any system, you have to take action to see results.

Affiliate Recon is approaching capacity so if it’s something you’re interested in, check it out before it’s too late.


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