Is The FunnelsKit Sales Funnel Builder Service Worth Getting?

As you may know, I’ve been talking about Clickfunnels® a fair bit this year. It’s the best known of the sales funnel builder services. But it is expensive.

A basic Clickfunnels® plan is $97/mth. And the Enterprise level plan (with all the bells and whistles) is a whopping $297/mth.

I’m on the basic plan myself. If you want to know more about that plan, I reviewed Clickfunnels® in this post.

Given Clickfunnels®’ expense, I’ve been getting a lot of queries about a product called FunnelsKit which (at the time of writing) costs a single $100 payment (actually, it’s $69 with the 31% discount coupon code).

UPDATE: Since this post was originally published, FunnelsKit has moved to a subscription based model and now costs $47/mth. Use the coupon code on this page to get your first month for just $13.

That fee is for Lifetime membership and being able to build UNLIMITED everything. It looks like the Lifetime option will be removed in a couple of days (on the 19th). I don’t know if that means there’ll be a price rise or if membership will move to a monthly subscription.

FunnelsKit purports to do pretty much everything the basic Clickfunnels® plan covers, plus including some additional services that are only in Clickfunnels®’ Enterprise plan.

So I took a quick look into FunnelsKit (if you’re interested in buying it, check out my bonus package below).

I haven’t bought the service myself so I can’t tell you anything about its inner workings but from my research, I’ve learned a fair bit about it.

The service is being sold through WarriorPlus which has a high turnover in internet marketing products. These tend, to a large degree, to capitalize on a trending topic or some loophole and the products often have a short lifespan.

When a loophole is plugged or some strategy stops working, support dries up and the developers move on to- creating their next faddy product.

More expensive products generally have better and more long-lasting support as that’s the least people can expect if they’re handing over hundreds of dollars for a product.

FunnelsKit kinda falls in the middle between the low-ticket products and the high-ticket ones (the $497+ products).

Last year I bought XFunnels – what was touted as a “Clickfunnels® Killer”. It was no longer on sale after a few months and I stopped using it (I bought it before I signed up with Clickfunnels®).

So my worry about FunnelsKit, from first glance, was that it would be a similar product that would stop being supported after a few months.

Yesterday, I learned that Simon Hodgkinson and Jeremy Gislason –  the guys behind PromoteLabs – not only endorse FunnelsKit but that they want to integrate their ProductDyno and PerkZilla platforms natively with FunnelsKit (I reviewed PerkZilla here).

These guys would not be doing this if they didn’t believe that FunnelsKit will be around for a long time.

If you’ve been wondering if FunnelsKit is for you, this FAQ should help…

1. What does FunnelsKit do?

It includes an Autoresponder, a checkout system, a page builder, a funnel builder, a campaign tracker and a membership site function. Full training is provided in video lessons.

2. Does FunnelsKit work on PC / Mac all browsers?

It’s a web-based service so it works on both PC and Mac. It’s been tested on  Firefox, Chrome and Safari (I don’t know if it works on Edge) – but seems to work faster in Chrome.

3. What are the upgrades? Do they cripple FunnelsKit or can I use it just fine without the upgrades?

There are 6 upsells. FunnelsKit isn’t a crippled service that needs upgrades to make it work at its full potential. The upgrades are:

  • Done-For-You Sales Funnels – gets you started with pre-built sales funnels. $97 one time for 10 sales funnels.
  • Done-For-You Sales Funnels Monthly – new sales funnels provided to you every month. $97 for 10 sales funnels + $9.97/mth for 2 new sales funnels each month.
  • Done-For-You Lead Funnels – simple funnels to get leads and subscribers. $97 one time for 100 lead funnels.
  • Done-For-You Sales Leads Funnels Monthly – new leads funnels provided to you every month. $97 for 100 lead funnels + $9.97/mth for 10 new lead funnels each month.
  • Done-For-You Membership Site – your pre-built membership site will have over 200 videos that have been created by the FunnelsKit inhouse staff. $47 one time.
  • Done-For-You Membership Site Monthly – new videos added to your pre-built membership site each month. $47 for the initial 200 videos + $4.97/mth for 20 new videos each month.

There are no downsells, so you can not get any of these offers at a discounted price.

4. How does the Autoresponder work? Do I have to pay for it?

You upload or collect whatever leads you like and send emails to them. It’s that simple. Of course, setting up SMTP and choosing a provider can be a little hard. But you can find plenty of videos on YouTube that explain how to do this.

5. Can I export My Funnels Out?

Yes, you can in JSON format, but I don’t know where else you’ll be able to import it. With something like Clickfunnels® this feature is more important. But, I suppose this feature can be used to share funnels with other FunnelsKit users. There’s a marketplace on Clickfunnels® where users sell funnel templates there. Maybe something similar can be done for FunnelsKit templates.

6. Which Platform Is Most Like FunnelsKit

If you’ve used Clickfunnels® or the InstaBuilder WordPress plugin, you will be up and running in minutes. If you’ve used something like Leadpages, then the way it works is a little different, but nothing so tough that it isn’t worth moving from a subscription product to a lifetime deal.

7. Will this software remain active?

Possibly the most important question of all. I’ve learned that Richard Fairbairn (one of the guys who created FunnelsKit) used this exact system in over 100 of his own funnels in different niches. He’s not going to close down his own niches. On a more serious note the software will be supported by those who join the monthly done-for-you funnels and software reseller club (something only available to members, not as an upsell). FunnelsKit will apparently get regular updates.

An, of course, as I mentioned near the start of this post, the guys from PromoteLabs want to integrate some of their products with FunnelsKit.


So with all that information, I feel it’s safe to endorse FunnelsKit, even though I haven’t bought it myself.

I’m invested in Clickfunnels® now and there’s no way to migrate the funnels I’ve built there to FunnelsKit short of rebuilding them from scratch.

But it just might be worth it to pick up a copy of FunnelsKit myself for future use.

My Bonus Package

I’ve put together a bonus package of 20 products worth over $2,400 which you can see here. They’re all related to funnels, list building, email marketing and getting traffic.

Mega Bonus Package For FunnelsKit

  • BONUS #1: Lead Acquisition 101 + PLR (Value $300)
  • BONUS #2: List Building For Dummies (Value $497)
  • BONUS #3: Six-Figure Swipes Lite (Value $47)
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  • BONUS #7: Super Fast Funnels Training (Value $97)
  • BONUS #8: ‘All About Conversions’ Video Course (Value $97)
  • BONUS #9: Michael Cheney’s Traffic Videos Course (Value $147)
  • BONUS #10: Ultimate Traffic Mantra (Value $47)
  • BONUS #11: Solo Ad Secrets Course (Value $147)
  • BONUS #12: Webinar Replay: 1K Commission Traffic System (Value $97)
  • BONUS #13: 7 Deadly Myths of Internet Marketing Ebook (Value $147)
  • BONUS #14: Jumpstart Your Email List Ebook (Value $17)
  • BONUS #15: Segmenting! Divide ‘n’ Prosper Ebook (Value $17)
  • BONUS #16: Landing Pages 101 Ebook (Value $17)
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  • BONUS #20: Pin(terest) Campaign Web App (Value $97)

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