These are products I have created myself and that I have been selling online for the past couple of years. It’s an eclectic mix!

Top Design Blogs – Here I’ll build a secure, SEO, fast WordPress blog for you. Very popular with affiliate marketers but I’ve also got plenty of clients who want blogs customized for their businesses.

SiteBuilder Elite – Build content-filled, dynamic, monetized, SEO websites pretty much at the click of a button. Sites pull articles from an article directory, add content from Yahoo Answers and RSS feeds, show videos and have built in support for Adsense, Chitika and Amazon. Ads from other networks can be used as well (including eBay). Check out the Basic Site Creation Demo video on the site to see how easy it is to create the most basic of sites. There are links to more advanced sites further down the sales page.

Clickbank Elite [no longer available] – Helps you find the hot products on Clickbank to promote. You can search by keyword, commission percentage, earned per sale, popularity or gravity.You can also search for products that have a subscription (residual income) or for a particular vendor. Results can be sorted in a variety of ways to meet the criteria you’re looking for.

LunarPhase Pro – nothing to do with internet marketing. This is an astronomy software package (for Windows) that predicts a wide range of Moon phenomena, from phases and rise/set times to times of eclipses, lunar libration, times when you can see thin crescent moons and more. The software includes an interactive Moon Atlas and emulates the view you can see through various telescope/eyepiece combinations (so you can practice on cloudy nights!). There’s also a searchable database of thousands of lunar features on the near and far side. Detailed moon maps can be downloaded and the effects of lunar libration can be animated.

LunarPhase Lite – a cut-down version of LunarPhase Pro that doesn’t contain some of the more advanced features and doesn’t include the interactive moon atlas.

Jupsat Pro – another piece of astronomy software. This simulates the planet Jupiter and it four main satellites. It provides a graphical representation of Jupiter, its Great Red Spot and the motions of the satellites around it. Set the time interval and animate the system to see how the satellites interact. The software also calculates the times of Great Red Spot transits, shows satellite track diagrams and calculates the times of mutual phenomena for satellites.

Internet Marketing Deals – not so much a product as a site that offers occasional deals on on a variety of internet and affiliate marketing products products. Each deals is different. Some are dime sales, some are heavily discounted launch offers, some a time-limited offers. But get on a deal early and you can save a lot of money!

Niche Site Institute – This is a membership site that offers reports, ebooks and video training courses to members. There are two levels of membership: Free and Paid. Free members get access to a number of reports, ebooks and courses while paid members get access to additional courses and materials. New material is added regularly.