Internet Marketing Training / Blogging Courses

Over the years, many internet and affiliate marketing courses have appeared and disappeared. The best have evolved with the rapidly changing online world and have thriving and engaged communities which benefit all their members.

Many courses, while still active and being updated, are now closed to new members.

These are what I believe to be the best courses currently open to new members.

#1 BTF is closed. Join WealthyAffiliate for FREE. [$49/month]

BTF is closed. Join WealthyAffiliate for FREE.

This course takes newbies by the hand and shows them how to build a niche website using WordPress. Everything is covered from how to select a niche to doing keyword research, how to construct the layout of your site and the right kind of content to add to it.

The course also shows you how to get engagement for your site, how to rank it in the search engines and how to drive quality traffic. The course has now been online for about a decade and is kept up to date with new material and strategies as the online landscape changes. It’s thought of very highly by its members, many of whom have stayed with it for years and it has a long and proven track record as a quality training course.

There’s a huge and very helpful and active community, the backbone of any successful training course. If you ever get stuck or have some difficulty, the other members are only to glad to help

There is an free option for those starting out. It’s well worth signing up for this even if you have no intention of upgrading to the paid option. The information in the free membership level is very good.

If you do sign up for a paid subscription, there’s an option to upgrade to an annual fee for $359 which saves 36% on fees (it’s equivalent to paying $29.92 per month). If you’re upgrading part way through a month you’ve already paid for, your annual fee is adjusted so that you don’t double-pay for your time in Wealthy.

I highly recommend BTF is closed. Join WealthyAffiliate for FREE. and I’m a member there myself.

#2 Affilorama [$197 one-time payment]

Join Affilorama

Affilorama is the brainchild of Mark Ling who has been known in internet marketing circles for many years now. This is another excellent course that shows you how to make money online by building websites and doing affiliate marketing through them.

At the core of Affilorama is Affiloblueprint a 12-module course that starts off by putting your brain into the right mindset and then progressing through teaching you market analysis, how to do keyword research, how to create content, how to build your website, on and off-page SEO and link building.

Building a site is one thing, but every webmaster needs to know how to promote and drive traffic to their site if they want to make money from it. Affiloblueprint has that covered and teaches you how to build mailing lists  nd newsletters before guiding you through the minefield of Pay Per Click advertising (used to promote your sites).

The Affilotools section lets you track how your sites are doing. And if you have difficulty or don’t have the time, the Affilojetpack section gives you reports and ebooks (in 18 niches) that you can use to build your lists along with year-long email series to plug into your autoresponder. It saves a huge amount of work. These tools are currently in Beta mode and are free to use.

The third section of Affilorama – AffilioJetpack – is for those who want a jump-start on building their online website empire. This is an optional section which provides everything you need to build sites in five popular niches. You get a year-long email series per site, three reports and three ebooks to give away (e.g. as enticements when list building), the premium AffilioTheme WordPress theme, 12 months of webhosting, the sites built for you and research and keywords for each of the sites. This doesn’t come cheap though and the cost of all this is $997.

You can start out in Affilorama as a free member, get the Affiliate Marketing Quick-Start Guide, the Downloadable Roadmap to Success and 120 video lessons.

After that, the next stage – the Affiloblueprint course itself – is $197 (one time payment).

This is another course well worth considering, especially if you’re budget doesn’t stretch to cover Wealthy Affiliate fees.

#3 Niche Site Institute [$37/month]

Niche Site Institute

Niche Site Institute is a training site I set up myself. It does not have the structure of BTF is closed. Join WealthyAffiliate for FREE. or Affilorama but instead includes courses on a variety of internet marketing topics such as marketing with Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and YouTube. These supplement the training in other courses. There are also courses on affiliate marketing, SEO for business and how to do social bookmarking.

There is a free membership available too which has courses on Instagram Marketing, building a Shopify store and how to use cPanel. Members (including free members) get access to a range of free reports and ebooks too.

New courses are continually being added to the site each month. Currently there are over 160 training videos to watch.

#4 Forever Affiliate [$197]

forever-affiliate-course-300x199Andrew Hansen’s course teaches you how to research profitable products, analyze competition so you’ll know if it’s worth going into a market before you even build a website, how to build an affiliate website the right way.

The course hasn’t been updated since 2015, though  it’s still available. It has some solid foundational material but some of the site promotion methods it teaches would now be out of date.

It’s a cheap option if you’re looking at learning the fundamentals of niche research and site building but you should look elsewhere for current site promotion strategies.

Read my “Forever Affiliate” review here.

Quality Courses Closed To New Members

While the courses below are currently closed to new members, they do periodically open their doors. There’s usually a mailing list you can get on to be notified when new members are accepted.

#1 Bring The Fresh [$94] – Now Closed

Go to BTF is closed. Join WealthyAffiliate for FREE. instead – this course has been online for over 10 years and is constantly updated. Over 800,000 members. Probably the best affiliate marketing course currently available.

BTF is closed. Join WealthyAffiliate for FREE.This is comprised mostly of video training though there are some PDF materials as well.

It’s a blueprint for how to build and promote websites (mainly WordPress sites).

The video training takes you through all aspects of Market Research, Keyword Research, Building a list, Making money with videos, there’s a look at Launch Jacking – a separate course created by a BTF member to cash in on the numerous product launches that take place, they build a new site before your eyes (which is now making a few hundred dollars each month!), how to create backlinks and they take a look at the Penguin update and what it means.

These aren’t scripted videos, but recorded off-the-cuff so they’re more like watching a video call from a friend. They are long and detailed (perhaps a bit too long). Training has been continuously updated over the years.

There’s a very active forum and community of members. These are incredibly helpful folks who will go out of their way to answer any questions you may have. This includes both Kelly and Mike (the owners) who will chip in answers – they’re very hands-on and active in their forum.

Read my review of “Bring The Fresh” here.