GotBackup Live Webinar

This LIVE Webinar begins at 8PM Eastern Time, Wednesday, May 17th, 2023.

GotBackup is one of a number of online computer backup services for storing your files and device backups in the cloud.

Using the service means that you never have to worry about losing precious files through theft or accident, hard drive crashes or other equipment failure, or damage/loss due to fire or water.

You can backup up to 6 devices and get 6Tb of data backup storage for $9.97 per month.

Everyone needs backups, if only because technology changes so fast and older storage formats stop being supported.

If you’re old enough to remember floppy disks or Zip Drives, when …

Maximize Your Earnings with Turnkey Clickbank Storefronts

Turnkey Storefronts are pre-built, fully-functional affiliate stores that allow users to promote ClickBank products without the need for any technical skills or experience.

These storefronts are designed to help affiliates maximize their earnings by providing them with a professional, user-friendly platform to showcase ClickBank products.

The prices of the Turnkey Storefronts are currently discounted to between $59 to $99, depending on the package selected.

These storefronts offer great value to affiliates who are looking to expand their earning potential.

They are designed to save time and effort, while also providing a professional and engaging platform for promoting ClickBank products.

The commissions you earn from your Storefronts will depend on the commission percentages …

FlipGuardian Box

FlipGuardian lets you create amazing reader experiences, grow email lists, boost your sales, add value to your brand, eliminate security holes, uncomplicate and automate your workflow and simplify your life… 

Big claims indeed.

Here’s what it can do…

Generate More Leads & Newsletter Subscribers:

Give readers the ability to preview your content and then introduce a Lead Gate to add targeted and engaged prospects to your favorite autoresponder service (I suggest Systeme).

Enable your readers to keep reading and (optionally) download your content after they’ve subscribed to your mailing list.

Boost Sales & Skyrocket Conversion Up To 270%+:

Offer readers an opportunity to preview paid content then transition them into buyers …

My New Project - Starting Out As A Beginner Again In Affiliate Marketing

I’ve been a full-time affiliate marketer since 2004 and affiliate marketing has changed hugely since those early days.

Things that were easy then are hard now.

Squeeze pages / Landing pages /Opt-in pages and Email lists and marketing didn’t exist.

Neither did YouTube, which only arrived in 2005, and Google didn’t own it at that time.

Facebook was still a gleam in Mark Zuckerberg’s eye.

And WordPress was still a few years away. had only just launched as an online book store.

Marketing was raw and edgy and a brand new frontier.

Now I look at the sophistication of marketing tools, tactics, strategies and methodologies.

In some ways, it’s much easier …

Building Amazon Affiliate Sites Has Never Been Easier And Getting a 78% Discount Helps Too!

This post is for Amazon/Ebay affiliates rather than Amazon Sellers.

Carey Baird has been super busy over at Fresh Towers helping his members and improving Fresh Cloud …

In case you don’t know, Fresh Cloud is a cloud-based(!) platform specifically for building and hosting Amazon affiliate sites (with 600 pre-built sites to chooses from, though you can also build your own).

It blows my mind that many people are STILL not creating affiliate websites in 2022!

They are cheap to build, have low time investment, low risk, and are easy to use, and anyone can get great results with them.

Here are 10 reasons why you are going to love this Summertime …

How To Build a $100 Per Day Affiliate Marketing Biz in a Month

Interested in making money with affiliate marketing?

In the video above, internet entrepreneur, mentor and coach, Spencer Mecham,  shows you the complete framework for building an affiliate marketing business in 30 days or less that makes money daily.

Look inside his affiliate marketing business and see EXACTLY how it’s structured.

Spencer’s first Affiliate marketing experience was 18 months of painful trial and error learning bits and pieces of the puzzle without ever seeing the big picture.

He came closer than he’ll ever care to admit to quitting and never looking back but he thanks his lucky stars that he stuck with it and now he wants to condense what he’s learned in …

You Can Now Test Drive Clickfunnels Free For 30 Days Not The Usual 14-Day Clickfunnels Trial Period

If you don’t know what Clickfunnels is, it’s an online tool for building landing pages, sales funnels and membership sites. You can check out my review here (on another site):

Gary’s Clickfunnels Review – Does This Sales Funnel Builder Live Up To Expectation?

Clickfunnels was co-created by Russell Brunson, a name you might have come across before, back in 2014.

It has remained the premier sales funnel builder since then, though new competitors have come along and some have since disappeared.

It is a business tool and costs $97/mth for the basic plan.

So it’s not cheap, but you can get 2 months free …

A Secret Affiliate Offer That Pays Out Multi 7-Figures

Anthony Morrison just released a brand new training video that shows you his secret affiliate offer that’s just paid him over $3,000,000.

And no, it has nothing to do with ClickBank!

It’s something that EVERY business owner, blogger, or online entrepreneur can use – and almost no one outside of the internet marketing space knows about it.

You can learn more about the Partner With Anthony program here.

Amazon Affiliates - Build Amazon And Ebay Stores And Resell Them!

Carey Baird is the guy behind an Amazon Store Builder that was originally created in 2010 and has been continuously updated and improved since then.

It started out as Fresh Store Builder and, a few years later was rebranded as Fresh Store Instant, following some major upgrades to the system.

Then, just a couple of years ago, following another major update, the site builder system was rebranded as Fresh Cloud.

Members in the older systems were grandfathered into the newer systems.

The “Fresh” affiliate site builders have always been subscription-based services which include hosting of sites.

Several packages are available which allow you to build different numbers of sites within …

If You Want to Grow Your Business in 2022, Sign Up For This List Building Event Today!

If you’re feeling a little gloomy right now because ad costs just keep climbing on every platform (including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram & TikTok)…

And the predictions are that they’ll keep climbing in 2022…

Then I’ve got a little something to cheer you right up.

While ad costs might be climbing fast, there is a solution to your traffic woes.

And that’s to build a monster email list as fast as possible!

I can almost hear you scoffing at me as you’re reading this.

Sure, Gary. Sounds great in theory…

But building an email list big enough to actually make a difference takes months, even years.

My business can’t hang on