Building Amazon Affiliate Sites Has Never Been Easier And Getting a 78% Discount Helps Too!

This post is for Amazon/Ebay affiliates rather than Amazon Sellers.

Carey Baird has been super busy over at Fresh Towers helping his members and improving Fresh Cloud …

In case you don’t know, Fresh Cloud is a cloud-based(!) platform specifically for building and hosting Amazon affiliate sites (with 600 pre-built sites to chooses from, though you can also build your own).

It blows my mind that many people are STILL not creating affiliate websites in 2022!

They are cheap to build, have low time investment, low risk, and are easy to use, and anyone can get great results with them.

Here are 10 reasons why you are going to love this Summertime …

Building Amazon Affiliate Stores The Right Way

Are you a blogger or website builder who advertises products from Amazon on your sites?

How is that working out for you?

Basic Amazon Affiliate Links

One of the typical ways to link out to Amazon is via the affiliate links they provide to you.

There are a couple of basic problems with this approach:

  1. The cookie a visitor gets when they go through your link only lasts for 1 day. So, if they come back and buy something after that, you don’t get a commission.
  2. You can’t geo-target these links so they take people to the Amazon region where you got your link. If a visitor them switches over to a