Silent Sales Machine Episode #639

Meet a single mom who has a real estate career that’s really taken a hit recently.

She’s also had a deep personal loss recently that she shares a bit about on the episode.

In spite of all this, she’s a fighter.

This WARRIOR is building an incredible business using the Proven Amazon Course REPLENS system.

She started out scanning barcodes and looking for clearance items and quickly discovered that it wasn’t at all what she was needing.

From there she got into the Proven Amazon Course (PAC) and her business took off.

She’s very excited about creating BUNDLES and she’s doing great with it!

Her story is just the latest example of …

Silent Sales Machine Episode 604

There’s only one “must-have” tool for your Amazon Replens business.

Jim Cockrum talks about that tool – Keepa – on this episode.

It’s the core tool for all his and his teams’ coaching and Proven Amazon Course students who follow the Replens strategies!

Today he discusses:

  • Why and how to use Keepa to find virtually unlimited winning Replens
  • What are some of the lesser known features he loves to use inside Keepa ?
  • What are the most powerful advanced strategies that he and his team teach to their coaching students with Keepa? (i.e. missing buy box or missing sales rank is often a great sign!)
  • Also, what other great tools does

Silent Sales Machine Episode 599

This podcast episode is a recording from February with Proven Amazon Course (PAC) students Justin and Claudi Wright who are a married couple that have built a great REPLENS business in just the past few months!

They are seeing 80% ROI (return on investment) and 30% net over the past few months on their rapidly growing business.

Justin comes from a real estate background and says, “I can never see returns like this in Real Estate!

Justin and Claudi share with Jim Cockrum (who created and developed the Proven Amazon Course) how they find inventory, what’s working and what challenges they are having.

It’s another great interview with true …

Silent Sales Machine Episode 532

On this podcast, meet a mom – Stephanie Corrao – who only has a few hours per week to focus on her e-commerce business…

…but just a couple of months into her journey, she’s building something amazing!

She’s already found numerous profitable products to sell that are easily sourced locally and online and she’s hoping to end the year with $50,000 in total sales (that’s a great result considering she’s less than four months into her journey!)

She credits tenacity, Jim Cockrum’s coaching program and the beauty of the business model it teaches with her success.

This Episode In Audio Format:

Resource Links

Proven Amazon Course – Are you ready to be …

Silent Sales Machine Episode 505

Would you like to hang out today with a coach who has helped thousands of business owners over a couple of decades?

If you didn’t know, Jim Cockrum has a team of over 60 coaches from around the world (all of them are successful students who came through our training programs!) who teach people how to become successful Amazon sellers.

This amazing team of coaches is managed by the guest in this podcast episode – Matt Thompson – and he has some inspiration to share with you today.

These are stories from some of the many students Jim and his team have helped over the years!

Their 18+ years of success coaching …

Silent Sales Machine Episode 414

This podcast has a great story that’s sure to inspire you!

Jim Cockrum’s guest, Cris Bealm, says, “profitable products are just everywhere” and she’s right.

She’s followed the concepts Jim and his team teach teach in the Proven Amazon Course course and she’s built an incredible business!

In her previous job as a high level corporate manager she worked up to 80 hour weeks away from home, but now she enjoys a flexible schedule at home and has more than replaced her corporate income.

In fact, just a few days prior to recording this episode, this guest hired her husband to join her so they both work from home now …

Silent Sales Machine Episode 396 - A Journey From Amazon Basics To $50K/Month Success With Private Labeling

This podcast episode is the story of a journey from “Amazon basic selling” into “Private Label”.

If you didn’t realize it, 95% of the YouTube “gurus” talking about Amazon selling are convincing new sellers to jump straight into building their own private label brand.

This is taught by most experts as, “the ONLY way to go”.

The truth they don’t tell you though, is that an estimated 90% or more of those “Private Label gold rush seekers” never make a dime – they only lose big.

To help avoid the heartbreak and loss, Jim Cockrum and his team go against the grain and teach a methodical approach to Amazon selling success.

Their …

Silent Sales Machine Episode 371

The guest is this podcast edition works two intense full-time jobs and is also building an incredible business using the unique “Amazon Replens” strategies as taught only in the Proven Amazon Course.

She also has three kids! Wow!

She’s selling about $30K per month at a healthy margin while using only ONE TOOL (Keepa!).

That’s right – she’s not using any fancy software because she understands (as you may have heard podcast host Jim Cockrum say many times), there’s NO REASON TO BUY SOFTWARE until you are PUTTING MONEY IN THE BANK!

The only software she uses is KEEPA as Jim and his team taught her to …

Silent Sales Machine Episode 369

If you’re a new Amazon seller, here’s a rule of thumb that will serve you well: Until you are earning a thousand dollars per month of profit, you should NOT invest in software and tools.

You should be getting started by MAKING money instead of SPENDING money.

Did you know that all of the dozens of Amazon seller tools that claim to help you find great products to sell are all using the exact same data purchased from Amazon?

Did you know there’s only one very inexpensive tool that stands far above all the others because it does its own dirty work by scraping data from Amazon?

Better yet, this inexpensive tool …

Silent Sales Machine Episode 344

After running his own very unusual niche business online for several years (he sold WORMS!) with some success, the guest in this episode discovered the Amazon training in the Proven Amazon Course (PAC).

He jumped into the REPLENS training (which is included in PAC) and within a very short time (a couple weeks) he was making sales of all manner of profitable items on Amazon.

On his first day of research he found 150 profitable items (ASINs) to sell!

His first full month, he sold $20K on Amazon.

That was Jan 2021.

His margins are about 20% and his ROI (return on investment) is 70%.

You’ll enjoy Richard’s tips and strategies – …