Silent Sales Machine Episode #706

In this episode, you’ll hear a bunch of great highlights from a previous episode – a few nuggets include tenacity and keeping at it, putting the pieces in place with the right mindset and what is a sustainable business model.

Listen to the full episode – Episode 653: Branded bundles on Amazon have changed her life.


The guest – Chipo Mukono – shares how she’s always wanted to be an entrepreneur and during Covid, she came upon the Amazon opportunity which was low risk so she was highly interested!

She shares how she initially did the Replens module in the Proven Amazon Course  and then started creating her own bundles. She …

Proven Conference 2023

Did you miss Jim Cockrum & his team’s recent live Proven Conference event (for Amazon sellers) that was held earlier this month?

The event featured over forty creative business building sessions from their top “Amazon success story” students and coaches – and they are making their professionally captured videos available for a special low price for the next couple of days.

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The price of this training goes up to $499 on July 31st, but right now you can get them for only $39.00!

This is not  a false scarcity tactic where the videos will always remain at $39 – the price WILL

Proven Brand Building Course For Amazon Sellers Now Available

Jim Cockrum and his team are back with a brand new course called Proven Brand Building which teaches you how to build a brand on Amazon as a seller.

While the course is initially being taught live (starting Thursday, February 22nd, 2022), all sessions are being recorded so that students can watch and learn in their own time.

Wouldn’t it be great to own a smokin’ hot ASIN on Amazon where you’re the only seller on Amazon without all the hassle of creating a new product?

Hundreds of people have already signed up for this course (me too) and the excitement is building!

Jim and his team are going to show you …

PAC Webinar Feb 26, 2021

Join Ryan and Jenni on the Proven Amazon Course webinar this Friday (26th) evening for a unique look into how to grow your Amazon business by repurposing what you know and even the products you sell into other streams of income.

Register for the free webinar here…

learn From The "Proven Amazon Course" Pros

Important: Save $100 (29%) on the price of Proven Amazon Course in this final 24-hour sale running from today, Nov. 28th at 11AM EST to tomorrow, Nov 29th, 11AM EST.

Selling on Amazon is becoming hugely popular. It’s essentially arbitrage – buying products cheaply somewhere and then selling them at a profit through Amazon. And, let’s face it, most people using this business model are buying goods cheaply from China for resale.

So how do you get started in this business and where can you source goods to resell? That’s the information that the Proven Amazon Course provides (read my review here). It’s a fraction of the cost of the …