WP GDPR Compliance Plugin Hacked

If you visited this site yesterday, you’ll have found it in a bit of a mess. While the content was displaying, there was zero formatting and no active theme.

Initially, I thought this was a caching issue – some cached corrupted files being loaded – so I cleared out the local cache. Nope, that wasn’t the problem.

For additional site security, I use Cloudflare which filters out a lot of bad traffic and such. It also has its own caching mechanism and provides an additional security layer between visitors and my site.

I cleared out the Cloudflare cache. That didn’t fix the problem either.

Next I took Internet Marketing Strategies out of …

I use a specific domain for building test blogs. I decided to move my Telescope Guide auction site from a Bravenet shared hosting account (which doesn’t support cron jobs) to a VPS webhost. I discovered that the BackupBuddy plugin doesn’t run on Bravenet either (probably takes too many resources) so I had to download all the WordPress files and folders to my PC (Bravenet doesn’t even provide a File Manager so I couldn’t zip up the files). I then uploaded them to mvpvw.com. I then had to create a database backup (I used GD Press Tools (no longer available) for this), download the archive it to my PC, upload it to mvpvw.com, …

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