[Update 12 August, 2011: SENukeX have extended their offer to get a Lifetime Licence for the software until 4pm EST today (12 August, 2011). So, if you thought you’d missed your opportunity, there’s still time.]

A few months back I promoted the SENukeX launch to you. If you’ve been reading this blog, you’ll know that I had a number of problems running SENukeX myself in the early days and maybe my experiences made you think twice about subscribing to it.

They had a lot of problems with the launch as well (too many subscribers for their servers to handle) and the software crashed quite a bit. I maintained that the service was …

Ok, I’ve had SENukeX for a week now and I still haven’t got anywhere with it.

Ongoing Lack of Documentation & Training

As I mentioned in my previous post about it, there’s a dismal lack of basic training and no written documentation. After many, many calls for such documentation and training in the SENukeX forum, the developers finally relented and agreed to create training materials in both written and video formats.

It will be a while before that appears as SENukeX is a complex product and that documentation needs to cover basic terminology and core concepts, especially for the people who came fresh to SENukeX rather than transitioning from the older SENuke …

I find WordPress incredibly frustrating to work with. Plugin conflicts, plugins that only work on some webhosts, WordPress upgrades breaking plugins, bugs in plugins, the list goes on.

So as much for my own edification as anyone who visits here, I’m going to start documenting when things go wrong, and what things go wrong. Most of it will be WordPress related but there will be other stuff too, stuff to do with running an online business, like my broadband connection going down, etc.

I’ve been wondering where my time has been disappearing to. I spend quite a few hours a day supposedly building sites yet there are few sites to show for …