GoDaddy Domain Offer

GoDaddy used to be my domain registrar of choice. But that was back in the days when they were cheap and offered discount coupons.

Why GoDaddy Sucks

Their coupons used to work worldwide. Then they started geo-locking coupons to territories so, for example, the $0.99 new domain coupon wouldn’t work in Europe. And so on.

Prices are also forced into your local currency with no option of paying in the currency of your choice, unless you use a VPN.

Then the domain fees and, particularly, the domain renewal fees started rising over the years.

Then they introduced the Discount Domain Club. Pay $120 per year and your domain renewal fees are reduced.…

A while back, I wrote a post on Why Using Google Analytics Is A Bad Idea. Rather than me reiterating what I said in that post, basically if you install Google Analytics code on your site, you are giving Google a back door window into your traffic patterns and they will quickly determine that your (affiliate) site is not the kind of site they want in their index.

Open Source Web Analytics Software

So you have to use an alternative. One alternative I’ve been trying out is Piwik (I’ve no idea what the name means or signifies) – an open source alternative to Google Analytics (open source means that it’s completely …