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It’s been about 6 weeks since I last posted about SENukeX. In that time I’ve been away on vacation and engaged in some other projects for myself and clients and haven’t had too much time to devote to SENukeX.

You may remember that I mentioned in my previous SENukeX post, that I thought the software was buggy, had been released too soon and lacked decent documentation.

So what’s changed in the intervening time?

First, several new upgrades have been released. It now stands at V1.0.49 (it was V1.0.28 when I wrote my last post about it).

Second, the only new training I can see that’s been made available is an SENukeX …

December 14 Problems

I was finally ready to populate the Baileys Tackle blog with content only to find that the TubePress plugin no longer works (it did a few days ago). Maybe there’s a conflict between it and some other newly added plugins. This is a blog that just doesn’t want to get built!

Further investigation suggests that it’s the W3 Total Cache plugin that’s at fault. Pages display ok when the plugin is deactivated. When it’s activated, pages sometimes display correctly, sometimes only a blank page shows and sometimes there a 500 Internal Server Error. Had to submit a ticket to get this one looked at.

Heroehost got back to me suggesting that it …

UPDATE: The Web Traffic Genius plugin is no longer available and there’s no similar kind of plugin to take its place. If you want to boost your site’s rank in the search engines, this link building service does a good job.

I set myself the task of building a number of blogs many weeks back as ways of earning some extra money online in these dire financial times. So how has it gone?

Not well.

I’m a member of the AutoBlog Blueprint which teaches you the best way to go about building blogs for profit. It’s the best blogging course I’ve come across and has provided invaluable advice, tips and recommendations …

I was about to head over to the WarriorForum to check out the new posts when an email dropped into my inbox from EzineArticles about an article I’d submitted to them a few days back. So I opened the email, assuming it would contain an acceptance notice. It didn’t. Hmmm…

The article I had submitted was about the problems I’ve been having with the WordPress “Missed Schedule” posts on some furture-dated blogs and directing people where to find solutions (they’re listed on this blog). So it came as something of a surprise to see this the content of their email:

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