9 Top Tips On How To Sell A Website On Flippa

Pretty much everything affiliate marketers do online is related to a website in some way.

Maybe that’s a blog you run, or a set of squeeze pages to build an email list, or sales funnels you’ve built.

Sometimes, there comes a time when you want to sell a website you own.

Flippa is the most popular place to sell sites online.

They have been for years.

So here are 9 top tips on how to sell a website on Flippa…

1. There’s No Need To List Your Auction For Longer Than 10 days

5 or 7 day listings always get enough interest for the site to sell for the desired price.…

A peek inside NicheReaper 2

I’ve been a member of NicheReaper since it opened its doors a couple of years back.

Keyword tools come and go; some like Market Samurai run on your PC, other like Keyword Canine run online through your web-browser. PC-based software tends to run slowly while online tools return results quickly. Desktop tools tend to require a single payment while online tools usually require a subscription.

NicheReaper was an online tool that required a subscription. As is NicheReaper 2.

If you do a lot of keyword research, you’ll know that it’s a time consuming business. And this is where the desktop tools fall down. While they will …