Well, Google has thrown the cat among the pigeons again with its recent Google Penguin Update.

Many affiliate marketers have seen their traffic plummet in the last couple of weeks and site rankings have been affected as well. What’s more, searches for keyword phrases are tending to show sites with poor content above those with useful content, in the search results.

So What’s Going On?

Well, first of all, the Google Penguin update has proven to be very unsettling for those who do SEO and, let’s face it – that’s anyone who is making, or trying to make a living online. Even SEO professionals have been confounded by how their sites, …

Now that the dust raised by Google’s May Day algorithm update (now frequently referred to as the “Mayday” update due to the consternation it’s caused) is beginning to settle, one thing is for certain: the change is here to stay. So rather than moaning about it, it’s better to spend your time seeing if you can improve your sites so that they’re more in line with what Google now thinks is important for a site’s rank.

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One factor that appears to now have a greater effect on page ranking is the page’s bounce rate……

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A first step is to submit your site’s sitemap to the search engines (SiteBuilder Elite does this for you) but it is only a first step. You can also submit sitemaps through Google’s Webmaster Tools.

The search engines love active sites (especially Google); that doesn’t just mean the number of new pages added to a site on a regular basis, but the number of inbound links to the site. If a site keeps getting new inbound links (links from other sites pointing to it), then it must be popular, and that’s …

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