UPDATE: Profit Marketer has now morphed into WP Toolkit.

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If you are still wondering what Profit Marketer is:

It is the most complete Integrated WordPress-Based site building and “Make Money Blogging” …

I’ve just been made aware of a software offer by Antone Roundy, the author of the CaRP RSS aggregation and display software that adds content from RSS feeds to a website,

He’s offering his TriggerNote software at a knockdown price. The software usually costs $97 but at time of writing, the software is on sale at $47.

The price will go up 20 cents each time someone buys. When the price reaches $97, it’ll stay there till the end of of the sale – there’s just under 15 hours left.

TriggerNote is an “unblockable exit popup” script. People use it to present special offers, surveys, and other conversion-boosting content to visitors who …