Silent Sales Machine Episode #722

In this episode, Jim Cockrum talks about the most popular selling model in his Amazon sellers community – REPLENS!

On this “coaches corner” episode you will hear the seven activities that are required of any successful Amazon Replens seller.

If you learn the seven steps, you give yourself the best chance at building a beautiful business as so many of his and his team’s students are doing right now.

The special guest at the conclusion of this episode is Jeff Schick of who answers the question: How can I know that my Amazon inventory was sourced from a legal/allowed place? 

This Episode In Audio Format:

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Proven Amazon Course – …

LiveGood Smart Investment

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Silent Sales Machine Episode #706

In this episode, you’ll hear a bunch of great highlights from a previous episode – a few nuggets include tenacity and keeping at it, putting the pieces in place with the right mindset and what is a sustainable business model.

Listen to the full episode – Episode 653: Branded bundles on Amazon have changed her life.


The guest – Chipo Mukono – shares how she’s always wanted to be an entrepreneur and during Covid, she came upon the Amazon opportunity which was low risk so she was highly interested!

She shares how she initially did the Replens module in the Proven Amazon Course  and then started creating her own bundles. She …

Silent Sales Machine Episode #653

The guest in this episode – Chipo Mukono – is an other great, recent Proven Amazon Course success story.

She’s aiming to hit seven figures in sales this year with branded bundles as taught in the Proven Brand Building module of the course.

She’s also recently joined the Jim Cockrum Coaching team as the latest great addition to their team -they have coaches in about a dozen countries at this point (this guest is based in the UK and selling in the UK).

The Proven Amazon Course concepts work globally!

Chipo started out as a REPLENS seller, and with those basic skills, she’s now launching dozens of great “branded bundles” with a …

Silent Sales Machine Episode #639

Meet a single mom who has a real estate career that’s really taken a hit recently.

She’s also had a deep personal loss recently that she shares a bit about on the episode.

In spite of all this, she’s a fighter.

This WARRIOR is building an incredible business using the Proven Amazon Course REPLENS system.

She started out scanning barcodes and looking for clearance items and quickly discovered that it wasn’t at all what she was needing.

From there she got into the Proven Amazon Course (PAC) and her business took off.

She’s very excited about creating BUNDLES and she’s doing great with it!

Her story is just the latest example of …

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I just wanted to give you a heads-up on a re-launch of Course Craft — a premium course teaching info-preneurs how to build and launch an online course.

Course Craft is a very popular premium course and now it’s been revamped to include a whole new range of features and integrations.

The course is valued at $597, but for this relaunch, it is being offered it at $297.

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  1. How To

Jim Cockrum has heard from many podcast listeners who have said that while they are impressed with the numerous “big success story” episodes of his podcast, they’d like to also hear from newer sellers who are just getting started or struggling.

He’s been doing a few shows lately that feel more like “new seller encouragement discussions”, and this episode is another of those!

On today’s episode meet a single mom Amanda Wykes who is only a few weeks into her Amazon selling journey, but she’s got great momentum and a determined heart!

You can’t help but root for her!

She’s found several profitable REPLENS (based on the Proven Amazon Course system), but …

3 Best Ways to Make $1,000,000 Online

Spencer Mecham is one of the best affiliate marketing mentors you can have.

He creates valuable free content to give you ideas on how to build an online business.

It turns out that he’s a believer that anyone can be a millionaire in 2022.

All you need is an internet connection and the willpower to keep trying until you figure it out.

In this video, Spencer talks about three methods (not related to affiliate marketing) that he believes if you keep on trying, you will eventually succeed with.

They are the best shot at becoming a millionaire.

Making money online is hard but so is working for 40 years at a job.…

Silent Sales Machine Episode 507

In this episode, Jim Cokrum talks to another student of the Proven Amazon Course – Divine Grace – who is building an amazing business!

You’ll find her energy, faith and determination nothing short of INSPIRATIONAL as you learn her story.

She’s from the Philippines where the average hourly wage is only $1/hour, but she now lives in the US and is building the business of her dreams.

In the past year, after starting with only $150, she’s now sold $50K of goods at 25% profit margins using the product sourcing strategies Jim and his team teach!

Her goal is to bring her husband home from his 20+ year job in security – …