GotBackup Live Webinar With Naowel Abt

This Free LIVE GotBackup webinar begins at 8PM Eastern Time, Wednesday, November 29th, 2023.

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What To Expect In This LIVE Gotbackup Webinar

Joel is flying into Toronto again today so Marc Shamus will he hosting tonight’s episode.

Keep an eye out for announcements and about when the traffic co-op is re-opening!

The co-op provides you with high-quality leads to get your business started but you still have to work those leads – it’s not a slam-dunk that they’ll sign up under you if you don’t at least introduce yourself to them.

This extraordinary initiative is on the verge of transforming your leads, …

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Incidentally, Spencer Mecham has some free affiliate marketing training here as well as a full-blown affiliate marketing course here and James Neville-Taylor offers a free online business here to get people up and running with affiliate marketing.

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Cryptocurrency Investing Webinar

Make sure you join Joel Peterson and Adam Short for one of their live workshops where they reveal their new 84% winning strategy in cryptocurrency investing.

They are also giving away $10 in Bitcoin to everyone who watches and takes a short quiz at the end or the workshop.

On this free training you will learn…

  • How to use their proven software solution to quickly launch a ‘crypto profit machine’ in 2023 that makes money every day and runs on total autopilot.
  • How this system makes money whether crypto is going up or down so you can enjoy consistent, predictable profits without any stress or worry.
  • Multiple examples of real campaigns that

LiveGood Smart Investment

If you’re looking for a health-based opportunity that generates passive income, then attend tonight’s (October 11th) free LiveGood webinar at 8PM ET:

With the absolute highest quality products in the home-based health industry at prices that everyone can afford, the most powerful Powerline driven marketing system on the planet, a very lucrative compensation plan, high-converting websites and videos to help you build, and an absolutely amazing team of people who continue to achieve, inspire, and change lives, it’s no surprise that LiveGood is officially the fastest growing company in the industry.

You’ve probably seen ads for the company around the internet and passed it by, just like I did initially.

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UPDATED: September 23rd, 2019

The Goal of Passive Income

The Holy Grail of affiliate marketing is to earn passive income – a steady stream of money that rolls into your PayPal and bank accounts. An income stream that you can predict and rely upon, month after month. A source of moolah that you don’t have to actually work for.

That is the dream, isn’t it?

How Affiliate Marketers Actually Work

Most affiliate marketers are lazy. I know I am. We want to earn instant commissions on sales made through our websites. More traffic equals more sales, right?

Well, there are several major problems with this business model:

  1. You’re basically hoping that your