Information is power, right? Well, in this day and age some information feels like it is powerful, but most feels totally irrelevant. But if you use WordPress, there are ways to collect valuable information related to your visitors. Everything from their IP address to the search terms that brought them to your site. Now, if you have only had minimal experience with a blog or website, you may be saying “So what?”. Believe it or not, this information when properly used, can give you a distinctive edge and help guide your content creation by focusing on who your viewers are and what they want…or what they are actually looking for.


I was poking around checking some affiliate links today when I came across some offers on quality internet marketing products. I’ve no idea how long these offers will last so use your on judgement.

First up is Market Samurai, a top-notch keyword research tool. If you build websites for profit or you’re looking for keywords to do article marketing on, then this is a superb tool. It pulls keywords from Google and provides a range of tools for analyzing those keywords for relevancy to your niche, checking the competition (and strength of that competition), hoe much traffic those keywords get and whether they’re profitable or not. There are numerous way to …

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