I know many of you who read this blog build and try to rank your websites in order to generate income online, whether that’s as a supplemental income or a full-time income.

Ranking sites has certainly become more difficult in the last couple of years with the various changes in how Google assesses the value of sites. So here’s a list of resources that may make your job easier as well as providing other means of earning income from your sites.

Building Websites

The most popular site building platform online is WordPress. Most people who build websites for profit use it. It’s also free but does require some time to learn if …

A new Social Network called CAYOVA launched a few days ago. You might wonder why the world needs yet another social network. To answer that, we need take a look at how the biggest of them all – Facebook – operates and how it treats its users. Once you know that, you’ll understand why there is a need for a new social network after all…

Facebook – Boo!

There are a few Social Networks out there in cyberspace, Facebook being the most well-known and best established with probably not far off 1 billion users.

Facebook and Privacy

However, one issue has followed Facebook down the years, and that’s the issue of privacy. …

An Opinion On SENukeXcr

In early 2011, I started using a software tool which was way ahead of its time. I didn’t know this, but my Blogs sure did appreciate it. It allowed me to boost my positions in the search engines by submitting articles to Article Directories, Social Network and Social Bookmarking site, Web 2.0 properties, RSS aggregators and forums and, rather than it submitting in a shotgun effect, it used specific link building strategies to build tiered links that would provide more link juice to the blog or money site I was promoting. It was called SEnukeX and was a major upgrade to its previous incarnation – SENuke.

But, even with automation, there is …

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