Proven Conference 2023

Did you miss Jim Cockrum & his team’s recent live Proven Conference event (for Amazon sellers) that was held earlier this month?

The event featured over forty creative business building sessions from their top “Amazon success story” students and coaches – and they are making their professionally captured videos available for a special low price for the next couple of days.

Get instant full access to all sessions for $39 here

The price of this training goes up to $499 on July 31st, but right now you can get them for only $39.00!

This is not  a false scarcity tactic where the videos will always remain at $39 – the price WILL

The Proven Conference 2023

Each year, Jim Cockrum and his team from the Proven Amazon Course run a live event called The Proven Conference where attendees receive a lot of training and are able to network with a huge array of people.

It’s an event run by Amazon sellers for Amazon sellers and those who would like to build a business on Amazon (but not as an affiliate marketer).

You can watch interviews with Jim’s various students and learn about there successes here.

This year’s event runs from July 6th to July 8th (Thursday to Saturday), 9am-4pm EDT (GMT-4), in the Hilton Downtown Columbus hotel in Columbus, Ohio, USA.

VIP tickets are already sold out

Silent Sales Machine Episode 604

There’s only one “must-have” tool for your Amazon Replens business.

Jim Cockrum talks about that tool – Keepa – on this episode.

It’s the core tool for all his and his teams’ coaching and Proven Amazon Course students who follow the Replens strategies!

Today he discusses:

  • Why and how to use Keepa to find virtually unlimited winning Replens
  • What are some of the lesser known features he loves to use inside Keepa ?
  • What are the most powerful advanced strategies that he and his team teach to their coaching students with Keepa? (i.e. missing buy box or missing sales rank is often a great sign!)
  • Also, what other great tools does

Proven Conference 2021 Discount

Jim Cockrum and his team hold an annual conference, primarily for Amazon sellers, each year.

They’re the people who developed the ever-popular Proven Amazon Course that teaches people a variety of ways to build a business selling products on Amazon (I talked about what’s in that course in this post).

This year, despite the ongoing pandemic, they had their best Ecommerce and Amazon seller conference ever which took place this past Summer in Tampa, Florida.

Jim is offering a 95% discount for full instant access to the professionally captured videos……

…but the offer ends today (October 9th)!

Apparently this was, by far, their best event ever with so much actionable …

The Proven Conference 2021

Jim Cockrum and his team are busily preparing for their annual Proven Conference event coming up in Tampa that starts MONDAY (July 12th)!

It looks like about 500 are attending live in person!

Are you coming? If not, you can attend virtually!

If you’d like to join the 500 attendees and hundreds more who are coming “virtually”, then this is your chance to be surrounded with positive, successful and hard working business building warriors in this “virtual online event”!

Get discounted pricing on full livestream access here now – The price goes up TOMORROW!

Livestream access is currently $97 but the price will increase to $399 from 11:59PM EDT on Saturday, July

The Proven Conference Videos Discount Deal

The Proven Conference is an annual event that’s run by Jim Cockrum and his team that runs over 3 days.

It’s primarily for people who are Amazon sellers or who are interested in building a business on Amazon.

The lectures and sessions are always recorded and offered for sale to those who are unable to attend the live events for whatever reason.

Last year (2020), no one could attend because the Covid-19 pandemic was in full swing and a lot of the world was locked down.

So The Proven Conference went ahead as a purely virtual event.

As with previous years, all the sessions were recorded.

Access to the recordings of the …