Webhosting Disaster

Update Nov 20th: PayPal found in my favor and refunded the hosting fees I’d paid to Heroehost. However, Heroehost didn’t restore access to my accounts as a result. There was a brief window when I had access to Internet Marketing Deals and I was able to download an old backup from Heroehost. When I tried to rebuild the site, I found that some of the database tables were corrupted or damaged and couldn’t get the site back up. The blog you’re now reading is now hosted with ServInt.

I had a disaster strike two weekends ago.

I have 17 WordPress websites hosted with Heroehost, which include this blog and Internet Marketing Deals

I find WordPress incredibly frustrating to work with. Plugin conflicts, plugins that only work on some webhosts, WordPress upgrades breaking plugins, bugs in plugins, the list goes on.

So as much for my own edification as anyone who visits here, I’m going to start documenting when things go wrong, and what things go wrong. Most of it will be WordPress related but there will be other stuff too, stuff to do with running an online business, like my broadband connection going down, etc.

I’ve been wondering where my time has been disappearing to. I spend quite a few hours a day supposedly building sites yet there are few sites to show for …

If you bought my SiteBuilder Elite website authoring package, you’ll know that I recommend Hostgator as a webhost. Why them and not GoDaddy who are a huge brand in the web hosting business?

Well, first off, I have used both hosting platforms so I have good experience of both. For me, however, GoDaddy is all about making people aware of their brand and not providing an end product that’s good enough. It’s a classic example of style over substance.

So why have I come to this conclusion?