Article Builder is an online spinning tool that creates quality, readable articles for 130+ niches.

It was created by Jonathan Leger who also created The Best Spinner which you may have heard of

I don’t do word/phrase spinning any more with tools like The Best Spinner or SpinRewriter because it takes too long

To use those tools, you really have to manually review all word/phrase combinations in your head as you read through a spintext article to make sure those words and phrases are used in the right context in the sentence and article. That’s what takes time. That’s why I don’t do it any more (I can’t afford the time).

Instead, I use Article Builder.

So what is Article Builder?

It’s a database of thousands of human-written articles on a wide range of topics. Parts of different articles are spun together to create new articles. It’s done in exactly the same way as word spinners but in this case the sentences in each article are rewritten (spun by humans).

Articles therefore are always readable unlike articles spun with tools that spin at the word or phrase level.

So Article Builder is an article generator.

You set a few parameters, and it gives you readable articles.

There are currently over 130 niches you can get articles for (there were only 89 niches when I signed up 2 years ago)

The software works online through your browser and costs $297 per year.

That might sound a lot but if you make decent use of the software, you’ll get more than your money’s worth.

Besides, check out the offer at the end of this video, or skip to the description below if you can’t wait!

You can create up to 400 articles per day (so that’s up to 146,000 per year) and if you ran at that capacity, each article would cost $0.002 (that’s not a typo).

So the more you use Article Builder, the cheaper the cost of each article becomes.

Ok, so here’s a look inside Article Builder…

Build A Website With Article Builder

There are quite a few options but the most important ones are:

  1. The category or niche you want articles for.
  2. Whether you want to use Super Spun content (this gives high quality general articles on the selected niche) or you want to use Subtopic keywords. Articles won’t always be about a specific keyword here though.
  3. The number of words per article – you can set this from 300 to 1,000 words.
  4. How many articles you want to create.

In the Advanced Settings, I usually tick the “Perform automatic LSI replacement” option so keyword density isn’t too high.

Build A Website With Article Builder

If you use Unique Article Wizard to submit articles to lots of article directories, then you can get Article Builder to create those submission articles for you.

Simply tick the “Have the same number of paragraphs in each article” and “Spin articles together” options and Article Builder will create a single spintext article for you. You would also need to set the “How Many Articles Do You Want?” option to at least 3 though (I select 8-10)

Then click the “Build My Article” button.

Your articles will appear on the next screen where you can copy them and paste them wherever you want

Autoposting To Your Blogs

Another feature of the software is that it can be set up to auto-post articles to your WordPress blogs.

You should set up a “Contributor” type user on your blog for this so you’re not giving your admin-level login details to the service, just as a security precaution.

Then fill in the information on the screen and add the blog to Article Builder.

Next, select your niche and how often you want to post.

You can have articles be published immediately or posted as drafts that you can review prior to publishing.

It’s a great way of keeping your blogs ticking over if you haven’t the time or inclination to regularly write content for your blogs.

Autoposting To your SiteBuilder Elite Websites

I’m also the developer of SiteBuilder Elite, a website creation tool that creates traditional websites, not blogs.

I’ve added support for Article Builder into the software so that it articles can be added on auto-pilot to sites.

SiteBuilder Elite sites are designed to be hands-off with content being pulled from various sources, all on auto-pilot, though you can add your own content if you want to.

Article Builder Pros

  • Takes the pain out of writing content, especially if you don’t know much about a topic.
  • The cost per article goes down the more you use it.
  • Articles cost a lot less than having a human writer create articles for you.
  • Articles are very readable, better than a word/phrase spinner will produce unless you’re willing to put a lot of time into each article.
  • You can create up to 400 articles per day so article marketing doesn’t consume all your time.

Article Builder Cons

  • Cost – $297 per year might seem like a lot to some people (but see the offer at the end of this video or in the description below)
  • Articles are about 70% unique. Sentences will be reused in other articles (yours or in those of other Article Builder members)
  • Articles may not pass Copyscape.
  • Articles are general in nature about a niche for the most part, though you can get articles for some specific keywords.

Where Should You Use The Articles?

You can use the articles on your money sites but I’d recommend that they be used as occasional extra posts to keep the blog ticking over and that you write a lot of the content for your blog yourself.

The articles are great for submitting to Tier 1 sites (like through Unique Article Wizard and other Web 2.0 sites) and Tier 2 sites (sites that point to your Tier 1 sites).


So is it worth the money? I can only answer for myself and for me it was. I use it to create articles to put on external sites for building backlinks and I have it auto-posting to some of my blogs and SiteBuilder Elite sites.

I also offer a service where I will auto-post articles to my clients’ blogs for those who cannot afford to buy or don’t want to learn how to use Article Builder themselves.

If you find writing content is a pain, or too time-consuming, then give Article Builder a look.

Special Offer

I mentioned at the start of this review that Article Builder costs $297 per year. However, if you’d like to save $100 per year on your subscription, use this special discount link here that will get you Article Builder for $197 per year instead.

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