In early 2011, I started using a software tool which was way ahead of its time. I didn’t know this, but my Blogs sure did appreciate it. It allowed me to boost my positions in the search engines by submitting articles to Article Directories, Social Network and Social Bookmarking site, Web 2.0 properties, RSS aggregators and forums and, rather than it submitting in a shotgun effect, it used specific link building strategies to build tiered links that would provide more link juice to the blog or money site I was promoting. It was called SEnukeX and was a major upgrade to its previous incarnation – SENuke.

But, even with automation, there is still a lot of work you have to do to use SEO software effectively. It’s not a push-button solution

At least that used to be case…

Ok, that’s my “hype” moment in this post.

The truth is that yesterday, the latest massive upgrade for the SENukeX SEO backlinking software was released. It is called SENuke XCr.

Pay Attention To This!

It’s been a big launch, so you’ve probably received emails from various marketers who are promoting it. If you are one of those who is tired of hearing about
SENuke because it has been around for awhile, I can tell you that this is the exact reason you need to read the rest of this post.

Over the course of the last 4 years, there has been no other Software tool which has had more upgrades and more money invested in its development than SENuke.

With over $1.5 Million in development, there is not a tool you will find out there which can even come close to this. I don’t care how many assertions are made in the Warrior Forum for $7 products that can do the same thing; this is a $1.5+ Million product which will actually do what it says it will and it has done this for 4 consecutive years now.

The new version, SENuke XCr has gone to an entirely new level in automation. It has almost every SEO Tool you need in one product. It has a new 30 second link campaign wizard for building backlink campaigns lightening fast. This was one of the most requested features for the new version.

It has tons of new improvements which take it light years beyond anything else on the market, but you can watch all of those on the Videos on this page.

Plus, they have gone out of their way to make everything inside SENukeXCr completely Google Panda/Penguin safe.

The big new feature in SENuke XCr goes beyond anything else though. The Cr stands for Crowd Sourcing. Crowd Sourcing backlinks. Unreal.

They have built this software to the point where you can add an unlimited number of sites and submission link campaigns to it. With this you can sell and exchange the scripts you create in a Moderated Market that the SENuke team has created.

This means you could build your own link networks with WordPress or other sites, private only to you. You can build Link Trees much more effectively than ever before as well.

I had already considered SENukeX to be the single best SEO tool on the market, but SENukeXCr is the undisputed champion. I only promote products I’ve bought and tested and use myself. This is definitely one of those and then some.

The only way you can truly appreciate how very powerful this is, is to see it for yourself. Go and watch the Video here.

Don’t sell yourself short either. They have a 14 Day Free Trial and if anything, get yourself 14 Free Days of solid backlink building and promotion for your blogs and sites.

They are also offering a Lifetime License option again after you click the Trial button and it is only going to be available till midnight EST September 22nd. I think they may be offering the Yearly option again as well. Both give you a tremendous savings off the normal pricing.

Either way, when you do the math, it is worth every single penny. I’m going to buy a Lifetime License to SENuke Xcr this time round rather than keep paying the monthly fee as I do currently. 4 Straight Years of Upgrades and more to come should tell you everything you need to know.

Plus, if you already own The Best Spinner and/or ArticleBuilder, you can use your licenses for those software packages inside of SENukeXCr, maximizing its effectiveness.

What are you waiting for? Go get your 14 Days worth of Free Backlinks now. And don’t forget to check out the bonuses you’ll get if you order through my links.

Good Luck.


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