Valet Builds Your Twitter Followers

Peerfly is one of the most popular CPA networks and one of the easiest to join. CPA, in case you don’t know, means Cost Per Action.

Most affiliate marketing is built on this model whether you’re promoting products from Clickbank, Commission Junction or any other affiliate network. You get paid when someone completes an action. In the case of affiliate marketing, that action occurs when someone buys a product through your affiliate link.

In CPA networks, more services than products tend to be available for promotion – mobile games, insurance quotes, dating services, etc. Promotion of these programs can be more restrictive too. You may only be able to promote some …

A new Social Network called CAYOVA launched a few days ago. You might wonder why the world needs yet another social network. To answer that, we need take a look at how the biggest of them all – Facebook – operates and how it treats its users. Once you know that, you’ll understand why there is a need for a new social network after all…

Facebook – Boo!

There are a few Social Networks out there in cyberspace, Facebook being the most well-known and best established with probably not far off 1 billion users.

Facebook and Privacy

However, one issue has followed Facebook down the years, and that’s the issue of privacy. …

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