For those not in the know, ePN stands for eBay Partner Network. While eBay used to run an affiliate program through Commission Junction and Pepperjam Network, in the last year or two, those were closed down and the only way to become an eBay affiliate was to open an account with the eBay Partner Network.

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eBay are constantly playing with things (often without proper testing before officially releasing an “update” to the system), which has annoyed many affiliates. Rather than paying a fixed percentage of a sale (as they used to), they now employ something called “Quality Click Pricing”. What this boils down to is the quality of your traffic determines how much you get paid in commissions. And who decides how good your traffic is? eBay. Could there be a conflict of interest there, perhaps?

I recently got an interesting email from a member of the ePN community. Apparently there was a conversation on the ePN forum where the new head of ePN asked for feedback, and 90 answers later from ePN members, still had not responded to any of them.

Anyhow, he pointed me to the Unofficial ePN Affiliate Survey (no longer online), and invited me to sound off and be heard (I use the PHPBay Pro and Auction2Post eBay plugins on some of my blogs). According to the site:

The eBay Partner Network (ePN) has been heavily promoting their new Quality Click Pricing (QCP) payout method since it started back in October 2009. In less than six months they have won two awards from other affiliate related organizations and they like to use their blog to profile specific affiliates doing well.

But do these awards and hand-picked affiliate profiles reflect the current overall opinion of ePN by their affiliates?

As an active ePN affiliate or as a professional affiliate marketer thinking about joining the eBay Partner Network, wouldn?t you be better served by knowing what experienced ePN affiliates think of the program?

This survey attempts to discover what current eBay affiliates think of the program as of 2010. Our hope is that the results will allow you to compare your opinions of the program to your peers and to allow those thinking about joining the eBay Partner Network to make an informed decision before committing valuable resources to the program.

So check out exactly what ePN affiliates think of eBay’s affiliate system (it makes interesting reading).


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