One of the things I’m asked quite often by my customers is if I build any sites with WordPress (I have a few products that are not WordPress-related so my customers wouldn’t necessarily know about my blogs).

Well, this blog is built with WordPress. As are many of my other sites. Though not all my sites are built on WordPress.

For someone not familiar with WordPress, building a site with it can be a daunting prospect. There’s quite a bit to learn. And WordPress doesn’t have any security built in, so those new to it won’t be aware that tweaks and plugins have to be added to make a blog less prone to being hacked.

In fact, there’s an ongoing brute force attack against WordPress sites worldwide right now (April, 2013). I’ve written a post about it on one of my other blogs here. If you have any WordPress sites, it would be worth your while checking to see that they’re ok.

I’ve also introduced a new service – “Done For You” blogs – where I’ll build secure blogs for you. You can check out the various options at the above link. I was going to advertise the service on this site, but I felt my blogging site was a better fit.

All the best,

Gary Nugent

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