Hacking of WordPress blogs is becoming a major problem, as I’ve outlined in my Repairing a Hacked WordPress Blog report.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a big business or a small-time webmaster who gets little of no traffic. If you have a WordPress blog, then you’re ripe to be hacked.

Especially if you give no consideration to securing your site.

And most people don’t…because they think it’s too complicated.

Ok, let me throw some statistics at you…

  • Only 15% of the 75 Million+ WordPress Sites run the latest WordPress Version!
  • 26 million of 36 million self hosted WordPress sites run little or no security
  • Website security is your problem and not your host’s!
  • 73% of WordPress sites are hacked within 12 months
  • It takes 152 days on average for a webmaster to notice they’ve been hacked
  • Hackers usually steal and spam your email list (now you know where all those viagra emails come from!)
  • 72% of WordPress sites run little or no security
  • There’s been a 42% rise in hacking activity in 1 year
  • 48% of Webmasters say WordPress Security is Complicated
  • Getting hacked could result in your host closing your account
  • Hackers steal $1 Trillion of intellectual property each year

Do nothing and you’ll get stung like me! I put my experiences of getting hacked and recovering my blogs into my report. My report includes a list of free and commercial plugins to use to secure your site, but Matt Garrett has put together a series of videos that explain how to install and configure some of the security plugins I recommend.

Matt Garrett is one of the guys behind NicheReaper, so he has a solid record of producing quality products.

BlogDefender is on a dimesale and is, at time of writing, still under $10.

If you prefer to read information rather than watch videos, then get my report ($5), otherwise go for Matt’s videos ($10+). Buy through any of my links on this post and I’ll throw in a copy of my report as well!

All the best,

Gary Nugent

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