How To Make Money Domain Flipping

If you’re looking for a side hustle, then domain flipping might be up your alley.

What Is Domain Flipping?

This is the digital equivalent of buying real estate in the offline world and flipping (selling) the property for a higher price.

In this case you’re flipping what’s known as virtual real estate.

It might be a simple transfer of ownership between two parties…

…or you might spruce the domain up with a new or improved website so it has more perceived value before you sell it on.

Is Much Up-Front Investment Needed?

While you need high cash flow for doing real estate deals, you only need as little as $10 to get started with domain flipping.

And the profit margins are much higher.

While the domains below are not typical sales, they do show the kind of money that can be made if you pick up the right kind of domain names:


  • sold for $30,000,000
  • sold for $3,000,000
  • sold for $510,000
  • sold for $201,250

I don’t know what the previous owners paid for those domains but I can tell you that the original owners of the .com domain names paid about $10 each for them while the .casino domain cost about $20 and the .online domain probably cost about $30.

That’s not the whole story though as renewal fees would have to have been paid for the domains and these are typically higher than the original domain registration fees.

Prices also depend on which domain registrar a domain is registered with.

Here are Dynadot‘s (my favourite registrar) fees:

  • .com – $6.99 registration fee; $8.99 annual renewal fee
  • .casino – $11.35 registration fee; $129.99 annual renewal fee
  • .online – $1.99 registration fee; $29.99 annual renewal fee

So there’s a definite cost to holding onto a domain name for several years if that’s how long it takes before you sell it.

How To Offset Domain Renewal Fees

The best way to offset those renewal fees is either to build a website that generates at least enough income to cover the annual renewal fees…

…or to rent out the domain name to someone else, and they have all the hassle of building and maintaining a website on your domain.

That’s how you become a domain landlord! smiling-face16x16

The big problem these days is how you can find domain names that have a high potential for selling at a good profit while you only pay $10-$50 for them.

But there is a solution.

PR Rage

There’s a cloud-based app called PR Rage that literally hunts out domains that have low purchase prices but high potential selling prices.

It provides an appraisal of each domain’s price so you have some idea of what it could be worth.

These domain name appraisal prices are guidelines only and can be off the mark.

When you come right down to it, no matter what the suggested selling price of a domain, it’s only worth what someone else is actually willing to pay for it.

All that said, here’s a demo of what PR Rage does:

In addition to the domain finder tool itself, you get the all-important training how to flip domain names and where to sell them.

Tossing a domain up onto Flippa isn’t your only, or even your best, option.

Here’s what’s included for a one-time-only $47 fee (use the coupon at the top of this page to get a discount):

  • Get All That Profitable Google Love – get high page rank domains that Google loves for pennies on the dollar
  • Profitable Search Features – search by Dollar value, age, number of backlinks, amount of traffic, social signals and so much more
  • Set & Forget – get alerted the second your perfect (and most profitable) domains come onto the market
  • Get Instant Valuations – you’ll see exactly what each domain is likely to be worth so you can always get the highest grossing domains for the lowest possible price
  • Business Ready – find out if a domain has a valuable ‘Google My Business’ listing
  • 6-Figure Training Included – marketers are building 6-figure a month businesses using the techniques that this software tool provides for you
  • They’ll Help You Get Started Profiting Right Away – Includes 3 exclusive training videos
  • Find & Flip Anyplace, Anywhere – Cloud-based. Nothing to download
  • Super Fast – 20 hours of manual research done in less than 20 seconds
  • Claim Your Valuable Domains In One Click – one click purchase. Integrates seamlessly with the biggest domain markets on the planet including GoDaddy and Sedo
  • Easy Shortlisting – collect and watch your favourite domains. Very useful if you’re keeping an eye on bidding prices
  • Newbie Friendly – no experience or technical knowledge required. The software does it all for you so it’s perfect for domain flipping beginners

So, if you’re looking for a side-hustle that could potentially earn you a lot of profit, take a chance on flipping domain names.

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