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A price rise for Jim Cockrum’s Proven Amazon Course (my #1 recommended course for selling on Amazon) was announced a little over a week ago.

The price was set to increase yesterday, but in his recent podcasts Jim said, “buy PAC before the end of July when the price will increase.” So, to be consistent with that, the price rise is being deferred until next week.

The price WILL go up on Wednesday, Aug. 2, 2017.

In addition to the base Amazon course, these additional courses (which are sold separately) have already been added into the Proven Amazon Course’s membership area (at no additional cost to members):

New courses that members will soon get access to:

I wrote a review of the course here last year.

Right now you can get Proven Amazon Course (PAC) for $349 (it’s fantastic value), but after Wednesday, Aug. 2, it will increase significantly (unfortunately, I don’t know what the new price will be)…and you will never be charged more for PAC, though great online biz building content will continue to be added.

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