Silent Sales Machine Episode 424

Do you have some tough questions about selling on Amazon?

Are you sceptical about the opportunity to build a business on the Amazon platform?

Many people have the same concerns you do, so you aren’t alone.

Recently, in a discussion inside Jim Cockrum’s free Facebook group, Jim asked for some “sceptics” to step forward.

He wanted to have a conversation with them about their concerns, the rumors they’d heard and the tough questions that were keeping them from moving forward in launching a business as an Amazon seller.

He recorded the conversation for you – and that is the gist of this episode!


They asked about drop shipping and “done for you” models, saturation concerns, who are the customers who pay more than retail when shopping on Amazon, the confusing Amazon rules, the limitations of category approval, why Jim and his team don’t let students start with private label selling, the time requirements to learn and launch the business and other hot topic issues that are a concern for many new Amazon sellers.

I think you’ll enjoy the chat as Jim answered with transparency and plenty of facts and data to back up his responses.

Today’s guests: Pam Wyant & Thelma Dangana (give the video a few seconds to load)…

If you’d prefer to listen to this episode, here it is in audio format:

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