Silent Sales Machine Podcast #426: Single Mom Starts With $500 And Builds Financial Independence on Amazon

In this episode we meet a single mom of adult children who tried several different business ideas online before finding Jim Cockrum’s Amazon community and finding success.

She tried building a blog and it didn’t get much traction so she tried launching her own brand of sugar scrubs on Amazon based on pricey coaching she fell for after she heard about it on YouTube.

As you’ve heard so many times before, selling your brand as a new seller on Amazon almost never works out and it didn’t work out for this podcast’s guest either.

When she finally found this podcast and the Proven Amazon Course training, things took a turn even though she was “starting over” with less than $500 to put towards her business.

She now has a profitable business that pays her bills and allows her the flexibility to travel when needed and help out her adult children.

The flexibility of the Amazon “replens” model always makes for a great story!

This episode’s guest: Renee Pfeil

If you’d prefer to listen to this episode, here it is in audio format:

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Renee talks about training by Brian Olson that shows you how to generate a large list of ASIN’s quickly. That training course will be made available to Proven Amazon Course students very soon, and the video where Brian presented that content is part of the December 2021 conference that is now part of the course’s collection of modules.

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Towards of the end of the interview Renee mentions building unique bundles with Nathan. She used our Humnbird services to get her trademark established, and she’ll be using the soon-to-launch Proven Brand Building strategy to ensure that no one can compete with her brand-name bundles (this new PBB training will be free for all Proven Amazon Course students and the new course also launches very soon – early 2022!).

Oscar episodes: Two of the recent episodes with Oscar Mutumbo that inspired our guests are Episode #218 which is Oscar’s first appearance on the show and Episode #301 which is Oscar’s update.

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Gary Nugent

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