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As you’ll probably know, my #1 recommended Amazon Seller course is the Proven Amazon Course. It’s the course that keeps on giving even though you only pay a one-time fee for it.

And Jim Cockrum, its creator, is one of my favorite mentors. His primary goal is to help people build a sustainable and profitable online business rather than trying to make money off ongoing subscriptions to his course which he could do, but doesn’t.

So here’s where things stand here at the start of 2018…


The separate Proven Merch Live course has now been added into to the Proven Amazon Course course! Current Proven Amazon Course members get it at no extra charge, of course.

The live Merch workshop is packed full of actionable content on how to get your Merch business up and going, including:

  • How to get your first 10 designs live and selling
  • How to quickly tier up
  • Simple Facebook marketing strategies
  • And much, much more!

Current Proven Amazon Course members can login and find the link under the “Merch By Amazon” section in the course menu.

Second –

Jim is  celebrating over 1 million downloads of his podcast, Silent Sales Machine Radio.

Finally –

Jim LOVES success stories and they are pouring in!

Check out a few that have popped up in his Facebook group recently.

  • Debbie’s husband was shocked when he found out her “nice little hobby” put an extra $26k in the bank.
  • Jonathan started with the intent to make an extra $2,000 per year. He just raised his goal to $10 million! A long, but encouraging post.
  • Sherell recently bought PAC and is already seeing sales come in. She says her sales may not be much compared to others, but we think it’s a HUGE accomplishment!

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