8 Incentives To Get People To Sign Up For Your Newsletter

By Shanna Mallon

If you want people to sign up for your newsletter list, you have to give them a reason to — in other words, make it worth their while. When you can offer something free and valuable to your audience, it’s an automatic motivator. In fact, according to WordStream, 60 percent of subscribers will sign up because they want to receive offers or sales!

So, with that in mind, what are some examples of newsletter incentives that work? What should you offer people to entice them to subscribe to your content? Here are some ideas!

  1. Give Them The Chance To Know You Better

    Getting To Know You
    This incentive works well for the kind of reader who’s already interested in your business and wants to know more.

    Offer a personal interview video with you or your company founder, and provide lots of information in it.

    Share behind-the-scenes information that makes readers feel in the know.

    Example: “Want to hear the story of how this bakery got started? Subscribe to watch an interview with our founder!

  2. Offer A Special Welcome Series

    Welcome Email Series
    Create a multi-day course or content series that automatically goes to new subscribers via email.

    Then, highlight that offer in every signup request.

    Example: “Learn how to improve your food photography in our five-day course when you sign up!” or “Follow our newsletter for a week of free and easy home improvement tips!

  3. Provide An Exclusive Resource

    Create a high-value piece of content, whether it’s an infographic, slideshow, PDF or something else — and offer it to new subscribers.

    To make it more enticing, give the first few points for free on your blog or website, then invite readers to download the rest by subscribing!

    Example: “Get our cheat sheet of beginner HTML codes by signing up!” or “Learn your brand personality with our custom quiz — free when you sign up here!

  4. Give A Discount Code

    Discount Codes
    Here’s an incentive widely used by big brands: Offer an instant discount code to all new subscribers.

    As soon as new users join your list, they receive a 10 percent or 15 percent discount code for their next purchase.

    Example: “Sign up to get 10% off your next order!

  5. Host Exclusive Giveaways

    Run giveaways that are only for newsletter subscribers.

    This lets you reward current followers and entice new people to sign up.

    Example: “We’re giving away a staycation to one lucky newsletter subscriber. Sign up now to enter!

  6. Tell Them A Story

    Tell A Story
    Case studies are powerful in any business.


    Stories communicate on an emotional as well as intellectual level.

    So, offer followers the chance to hear someone’s story or find out more about a past client when they sign up.

    The opportunity may draw them in, while also giving you a fresh way to inform them about your brand.

    Example: “Sign up for our newsletter to learn how one of our members saw a 75% increase in sales!

  7. Give Them Cold, Hard Facts

    Cold Hard Facts
    Data is a powerful draw when it offers insight based on real research.

    Whether you run a survey, conduct an experiment or do some other sort of testing, turn the results into a cool infographic or white paper.

    Then, offer it to readers for signing up.

    Example: “Get the scoop on Nashville’s housing market! Subscribe and we’ll send you a signup bonus: market research on the last six months of sales!

  8. Provide Webinar Access

    Give Webinar Access
    Do you have some sort of webinar, class or training video that your audience would find useful?

    Offer free access to it — or an upcoming one — when someone signs up.

    Example: “Get free registration to our upcoming live webinar by signing up for our newsletter!

When it comes to email incentives, there are lots of options that can work. The key is thinking about your readers and what will appeal most to them.

So, looking at the examples above, ask yourself what your target audience values and find a way to offer that to new subscribers.

Then, talk about the incentive and tell readers why they want it — and see how your signups increase in the process!

Shanna MallonAuthor bio: Shanna Mallon is a senior copywriter for Straight North, a top Internet marketing firm in Chicago providing SEO, web design and other online marketing services. Shanna has been creating online content professionally since 2007.


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