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Jim Cockrum and his team just completed a webinar that goes over what’s in the new Proven Private Label 2.0 course (click the image above or this linkwatch the webinar).

Proven Private Label is all about how to sell physical private label products on Amazon. The Amazing Selling Machine which teaches the same thing, has been relaunched (yet again) and you’ve probably received a few emails about it. I don’t promote it even though I’m an affiliate because of its high cost in comparison to Cockrum’s Proven Amazon Course which has a longer track record and a huge number of successful students.

Proven Private Label is a separate course (but Proven Amazon Course members get access to it for free). It’s a primer on how to start your own private label product line. It will help you avoid common pitfalls, as well as wasted time and money on easily preventable mistakes.

In the course, you’ll learn how to:

ProvenPrivateLabel Bullets

You can buy the Proven Private Label course as a PDF ebook for $17 but if you think you need guidance and the help of a mentor, there is a Mentorship Program option available.

ProvenPrivateLabel Mentor Program

If you like the idea of building a business to sell products on Amazon, this is a course well worth considering. Watch the free webinar for more insight into the course and what this business model involves.

But you need to hurry if you’re going to take this offer up.

The Mentor Program Closes Tuesday, March 7 at 10pm Eastern (New York time).


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