The Proven Book Sourcing Course For Selling On Amazon
It may come as a surprise, but one of the most profitable ways of making money by selling on Amazon is to sell books!

If you already own the Proven Amazon Course (created by Jim Cockrum), then you’ll automatically get access to this course at no extra cost later this month.

If, however, you love books, don’t own the Proven Amazon Course, and would like to be able to create an income stream by selling books on Amazon, then Proven Book Sourcing is a fantastic course that steps you through getting a book selling business started on Amazon!

What’s more, this $97 course is being discounted to just $17 until February 20th.

If you’ve read this blog you know that I hold Jim Cockrum’s courses in high regard.

Occasionally, standalone courses like this go on short-term sale. They’re well worth picking anyway but are fantastic value at the discount prices.

Hundreds of successful Amazon sellers now believe that bookselling is among the greatest opportunities on Amazon.

This course contains detailed strategies for finding the Top Ten best places to source books and the best strategies that you can use get books cheap, or even free!

Can’t be bothered to visit thrift stores (charity shops) and the like to find books? No worries, because this business model is perfect for outsourcing!

And books can give you a 700%+ return on investment.

Here’s what your $17 will get you in this course (remember, the price goes back up to $97 on February 21st):

What's In The Proven Book Sourcing Course

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The Proven Book Sourcing Course

Jim Cockrum’s Radio Show

Even if you’re not interested in this course, check out Jim Cockrum’s Radio Show. He has over 30 podcasts on various aspects of internet and affiliate marketing available to listen to and download, all for free.

Listening to these is a great way to improve your marketing education.

BTW, you can pick up the Kindle edition of Cockrum’s bestselling book, The Silent Sales Machine, on Amazon for $5. I recommend reading it before you embark on an online business venture. It will tell you the best ways and the worst ways to build an online business. If you want to get a better idea of what’s in the book, you can read 2 chapters from it for free here.


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