SEO Link Building For Success

Do you want to know how to double the value of your backlinks – for FREE?

Most people just build their links and go back to making pancakes, but they are missing out on a BIG potential way to increase the power and authority of those links.

You see, Page Authority refers the amount of links that are coming to a particular page on a website.

Most of the time when you get a new link, it’s on a new page (for instance, if you get a guest post, or you get featured in a new article that comes out, it’s on a brand new page).

That’s good because that page can feed off the domain authority. But if that page itself becomes popular and starts attracting links… then your link on that page starts to multiply in value.

So how do you get that effect? You can boost your backlinks!

Check this out, here’s an example of a guest post that didn’t get a boost:

Non-Boosted Post

As you can see, it has a PA of 16. (All new pages start out with 0 but increase over time with the addition of internal links etc). This is good, but look at what’s next….

Now, in contrast, here’s one that got a Boost:

Boosted Post

BIG DIFFERENCE! This one ended up with a PA of 48 which is a big step up!

(Side note, this doesn’t happen immediately… you gotta give it a bit of time… but yes it works.)

Since this is the #2 factor on Moz’s list of top ranking factors, you can see how important this can be:

Importance of Boosting Posts

This is basically the “secret sauce” because it allows you to get more value out of every link you build!

So how do you do this – for free?

Until August 31st, you can get a free Link Boost Package with any Platinum Link Building Package or Guest Post Package purchase!

With the Platinum and Platinum Plus link building packages, you get a FREE Large Boost Package (worth $149). You get a Small Boost Package (worth $49) with a Guest Post Package.

By using this free Boost on your links you can:

  • Significantly increase the value of each link
  • Increase the Page Authority (PA) of the page it’s on
  • Get stronger ranking increases

IMPORTANT: This deal only lasts until Aug. 31st so get in on it before it’s gone!

How To Get The Deal

Just purchase one of the above products and the Link Boost will automatically drop into your dashboard AFTER your purchase…

Platinum or Platinum Plus Package (Free Large Boost – $149 Value)
Guest Post Package (Free Small Boost – $49 Value)

No coupon necessary. You can fill out the inputs for the boost at any time you’re ready.


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