Content Samurai is a very popular online video creation service.

It allows anyone to easily create professional-quality videos with copy & paste and point-and-click skills (i.e. those who are not technically minded).

These videos are perfect if you don’t want to appear on camera yourself, or you don’t want to use your own voice in videos.

There’s a full review of Content Samurai over on my sister website if you want to know the details.

Anyway, the developers of Content Samurai decided that their video creation service needed a new name because its current name doesn’t exactly even hint that it’s got anything to do with video.

I also wrote a long post on why this name change was needed and what it means for existing Content Samurai users and future users of Vidnami.

That’s essentially been summarized in this video which was actually created with Vidnami…

Incidentally, did you spot that the voice-over was a computer-generated voice rather than a real person’s? 🙂


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