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One of the tools I use regularly is called Content Samurai. It’s a video creation tool and, as we all know, video plays a huge part on online marketing.

There are a huge number of video creation tools out there such as:

…but I like Content Samurai because of its ease of use.

I create a script for the video, which could be the text copied from a post I’ve published on this or another site, and paste that into Content Samurai.

It then creates slides with that text and automatically adds background images to those slides based on the words used on each slide. You have full control over what words appear on slides and the images used and you can change things as you want.

Background images are dynamic in that they slowly zoom in or out, a feature that attracts the eye and keeps viewers engaged. You can also add video clips between slides.

Here’s a video I created back in June that shows what you can do with the tool (if you’re interested in the Bitcoin opportunity mentioned in the video, you can learn more here.):

The latest addition to the tool is the ability to create square videos which have become very popular on social media platforms and take up much more of the screen on mobile devices than rectangular videos do.

Several 10s of royalty-free music tracks are also included so you can add music to your videos. You can also upload a voiceover and add that to your video. You can record the voiceover yourself, hire a professional voiceover artist or simply use a text-to-speech service to create a voiceover for you, as I detailed in this post.

Content Samurai is an online tool, running in the Cloud so you can access it anywhere you can open a browser.

Ordinarily, the tool costs $97 per month, so it is on the expensive side. However, if you go through this special link, you can subscribe for an ongoing 50% discount (pay $47 per month).

Here are some good video templates to use for getting good responses from your videos (even if you don’t use or want to use Content Samurai).

At the time this post was written, these 5 video templates are on sale, discounted from $49 to $7. You can learn more about them here.

If you end up buying the templates, there is a one-time-offer to get access to Content Samurai for $297 per year. This equates to paying $24.75 per month.

This is the lowest price the service has ever been offered at. This is an offer that’s tied to the launch of the video templates and is likely to be available for only a few days.

You can test drive Content Samurai here, free, for 7 days to see if the tool is right for you.

Here’s a post which explains how you can rank higher by using videos if the idea of video marketing is new to you.


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