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Post updated on April 11th, 2019.

You’ve probably been hearing the name “PerkZilla” floating around a lot lately. And if you haven’t, just wait – it will make it into your circles, social media networks and email inbox soon.

Everyone needs traffic to be a success online, whether that’s just getting your blog posts in front of as many eyeballs as possible or you’re an internet marketer trying to drive traffic to your products, services and affiliate offers.

So anything that claims to drive more traffic to your pages and offers deserves your consideration.

But is PerkZilla right for you? That’s what I hope to clarify for you in this review…

What is PerkZilla?

In a nutshell, it’s a viral rewards platform that lets you give gifts such as products, coupons, contest entries and other rewards to your visitors in exchange for them referring their friends to your website.

The upshot is that to get your freebie, a visitor will have to spread the word about your site. So they tell a couple of their friends, who tell more friends and so on. So one visitor can potentially multiply into several additional visitors. If you do a good job with your giveaways, you could end up getting substantially more visitors.

It’s an incredibly powerful way to get more traffic to your web pages, content and offers!

I got an early inside look at PerkZilla, have set up multiple campaigns and have put it through its paces. So, here’s the pros and cons as I see it…

What Are PerkZilla’s Best Features?

1. It’s A Hands-Free Way To Drive Traffic

And who doesn’t love the idea of not having to work to drive traffic?

The biggest benefit is it works completely on autopilot. You set it up once, and your traffic grows on its own! Nice.

You don’t have to spend any money placing ads (so it’s great for those on a small budget) and you don’t have to spend hours monitoring your campaigns.

Just post your campaign in all the usual free places -Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and any number of other social media platforms and your visitors will share with their friends and contacts to unlock your giveaway.

2. It’s Easy to Use

PerkZilla Backoffice

As is often the case with software developers, Simon Hodgkinson and Jeremy Gislason built this platform for their own use, to make it easy for them to get more viral traffic without having to do things manually.

Now they enhanced this platform so that anyone can use it on ANY device.

Here’s why it’s so easy to use:

  • There’s no downloading or installation required. This is a web-based app, so all you have to do is log into your dashboard to get started. So it works with any internet-enabled device.
  • You don’t need any technical experience. Setting up a viral campaign is as easy as clicking your mouse or touchscreen. The app provides you with a bit of code which you need to paste into your website. It’s simple and easy!
  • The dashboard is very user-friendly. The links and features are all intuitively labeled, so you can get your campaigns up and running fast. But if you get stuck, there’s also step-by-step documentation and videos available in the very thorough help section.
  • It works on any platform. Whether your users are using phones, tablets or desktops, the links and forms are tested and proven to work across devices and browsers.

3. PerkZilla is Very Flexible

The app gives you complete control over your campaigns…

  • You choose how many reward levels to offer. Yes, you can offer one reward level, or you can set up multiple levels to encourage even more sharing. Ideally, each level up would offer better rewards.
  • You choose the rewards. These could be products (such as ebooks, videos, apps, courses or memberships), contest entries, discount coupons, or anything else you can think of that can easily be delivered by email.
  • You can customize pretty much everything. That includes your opt-in forms, emails and more. To make things easier and help you get started more quickly, PerkZilla also comes pre-loaded with default settings and pre-written emails.
  • You can use PerkZilla to promote a wide variety of content and pages – use your imagination here; promote optin pages, lead pages, sales pages, contests, blog posts, videos, webinar registration pages and more!

It’s sounding pretty good about now, right? This platform is easy to use and is proven to drive viral traffic to whatever you want to promote. The better the rewards you offer, the more traffic you’ll get!

What Are PerkZilla’s Downsides?

No product is ever perfect, but PerkZilla is definitely one that leans much more towards being perfect than imperfect. The major reason for that is that it comes with only the features you want and none of the ones you don’t. That keeps it clean, lean and very powerful.

However, there is one downside to PerkZilla…

At the time of writing, you can’t use this platform to promote other peoples’ content (such as your affiliate links), UNLESS you work directly with the person who owns the product website. That’s because you need to paste a little snippet of code into the product page or site to make it work.

This isn’t a failing of PerkZilla itself so much as a practical limitation. While certain web technologies such as using iFrames might work, they’re not very practical for this particular application.

The Workaround

If you want to promote an affiliate link, then set up a pre-sell page, and have your visitors refer their friends to THAT page (it’s a page you own).

That way, you still get the viral traffic. You still get to build your list. And you still get to promote your affiliate offer.

The only difference is that you don’t need to bother the vendor and have them create special pages for you and paste your code into it (vendors would probably not want to create tens or hundreds of custom pages for each affiliate looking to work with them anyway).

Driving traffic to your own optin page or a bonus page before redirecting them to the actual offer is a smart way to do business online anyway.

So rather than seeing not being able to promote affiliate links directly as a limitation, see it as an incentive for you to pre-sell your visitors on a product and/or collect their email address in the process so you can build your email list.

The tool I now use for creating bonus pages is Commission Gorilla. In fact, that link is to a bonus page for the software that was created in Commission Gorilla (talk about recursion!). PerkZilla is from the same people who created Commission Gorilla.

What I’ve been doing is creating bonus pages and then driving traffic to them (I add the option to sign up to my newsletter at the bottom of these pages). I also use capture/lead pages that offer free reports or products to build my email lists and then use PerkZilla to drive traffic to all of those.

As an aside, if you’re new to list building and want to know more about it, check out these resources

The Cost & Upsells

As always, the question is “how much will this set me back?”

There are three account levels. Right now, these annual fees allow you to create and run unlimited campaigns, contests and giveaways.

  • 5K Expansion Pack ($97 per year – reduced to $79/year during Version 2 Launch) -Store up to 5,000 active subscriber email records plus additional features. Run campaigns on 10 websites.
  • 15K Expansion Pack ($197 per year – reduced to $179/year during Version 2 Launch) – Store Up To 50,000 active subscriber email records. Full Automation Center access with UNLIMITED trigger emails & rules plus additional features. Run campaigns on UNLIMITED websites.
  • PerZilla Pro ($397 per year – reduced to $279/year during Version 2 Launch) – The NO LIMITS option for everything.

There is only one upsell rather that the usual raft of up- and downsells we see so often these days:

  • 25 Ready Made Giveaways Bundle Add On ($97) – these are reports you can give away to your visitors.Each comes with professionally designed squeeze pages and graphics along with a 7 Part, Autoresponder Email Series to direct your subscribers to.

If you already have a selection of lead magnets such as free reports and the like, then you probably don’t need the upsell.


I really like PerkZilla. It has great potential for driving additional traffic to your pages and sites. But, as with every tool, you have to put it to use to see results. It’s probably as close to a push-button solution as you’ll get.

The idea behind the software isn’t new and there are competing platforms out there but they all have their own problems…

  1. Those platforms aren’t flexible enough to handle multiple types of campaign. For example, some of these platforms ONLY handle contests. Others only handle giveaways.PerkZilla is different because you can promote any of your web pages, products, contests or content!
  2. Some of these platforms force users to use their templates. You have nowhere near the power, flexibility and customization with these other platforms as you do with PerkZilla. Some of them even force you to use certain social media sites.PerkZilla gives you full control to let your users promote your links however they want.
  3. Some of the competing platforms are bloated and confusing. There is a big learning curve, which often results in users simply giving up and abandoning the platform.

PerkZilla overcomes all these problems, as it’s user-friendly, flexible, fully customizable and very powerful.

As of now, it’s my Number One choice in viral rewards platforms.

Check it out to see if it’s right for you

My Bonuses

Since I’m giving PerkZilla a thumbs up, I’ve put Commission Gorilla to use yet again and created a bonus page for PerkZilla. Buy through any of my links and you”ll have these bonuses automatically delivered onto your receipt page.

PerkZilla Bonuses


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